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Publish website from visual studio 2012 web express

I upgraded from visual studio 2008 to 2012 recently. I'm wanting to publish this website to my webserver. In VS 2008 I would just go to the build menu and select publish. There is no publish in the build menu in VS 2012. How do I publish this site?
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I don't have access to my Express instance at the moment. Check the "Website" menu. If it's not there, then try right-clicking your project in the Solution Explorer and see if the option is there.
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I don't see it in either of those menus. I've attached screenshots in case I'm just blind.
You have to right click the Project in solution explorer
Thanks for the comments himanshut and CodeCruser. Sorry, but I've tried both of those suggestions and posted screenshots about 3 posts back. I'm surprised that more people haven't run into this issue before.
In the screenshot that you posted (solution-explorer.png), you have right clicked on solution. My suggestion is to right click on PROJECT.
I tried clicking on the project and it isn't here either.
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