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Excel data validation

I have a spreadsheet that I have setup a data validation list. However whenever I save the file and re-open, the cell that references the data Validation list changes and when I go to Data validation I am seeing that it has changed to 'Any value'. I change, save and close again and the same thing happens when I re-open.
can anyone advise why this is happening?
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could you maybe attach that affected excel?
isn´t problem that you have mandatory profile or somemthing like this? (if you do another change in that workbook, e.g. change some other cell, is this change saved?)

try not to refer to cells as a list but write your options directly to Data validation wizard, your options separated with semicolon (see my attachment)

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PLease see attached
I am looking and looking, but probably you forgot to attach :)
Sorry. Here it is.
OK, and where exactly should be drop-down menu a what should be a list?
the drop down should be:
for Period - the cells B1 to B12 on sheet colists
for Year - cells C1 to C3 on sheet colists

when I put them in and save, close. then I re-open the two cells on the Income_Statement sheets reverts to Any Value as they are now.
the two cells on the Income_Statement sheets reverts to Any Value as they are now.

which two cells exactly?

Sheet = Income_Statement
Cells C4 and C6
For me it works, after saving and re-opening again.

See attached.
I tried it with the version you sent and it worked once. Now it is backto the same issue. Maybe it is some other setting on my system. Thanks.
are youu working in domain enviroment?
do you have your user account somehow restricted?
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