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Flex Mobile - update/refresh current view


I am in this simple position where I wan't a button to refresh the current view, how can this be done?
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I am in a Flex Mobile project, the code in the article will reload current webpage in the current browser, if your in a webbrowser. I am however not in a webbrowser.
The concept of doing a page refresh doesn't really fit a flex application

You can force a displayObject to redraw itself by doing this:


This just redraws the displayObject and it's children though, it may not be what you are looking for

If you can give me a better idea of what you want to update I can help more (I'm thinking that you may need to be using data binding..?)
my navigation is placed in the MXML Application - holds the actionbar(my refresh button is on the actionbar), I want to re-navigate to the current active view, how can this be done? or if it is possible to run the current view's creationComplete or initialize function?
So there is no way of executing the current view(navigator.activeView) creationComplete function? or atleast navigate to the currentview with navigator.pushView?

I just need to read the creationComplete  function from the currentview as I then can use:
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