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Google Charts (Stacked Bar Chart)

Hi all,

I have been using google charts to create all type of charts but I have not been able to create a stacked combo bar.  I'm trying to create a chart that looks like...
User generated image
Here's what I've done so far....
User generated image
Here's the code for it...
function drawVisualization() {
  // Create and populate the data table.
  var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
    ['Fiscal Year', 'Planned', 'Actual', 'Anticipated'],
    ['FY12',  42,      938, 60],
    ['FY13',  135,      1120, 955]   

  // Create and draw the visualization.
  var ac = new google.visualization.ComboChart(document.getElementById('visualization'));
  ac.draw(data, {
    title : 'SITES',
    width: 600,
    height: 400,
    vAxis: {title: "Number of Sites"},
    hAxis: {title: ""},
    seriesType: "bars",
    series: {5: {type: "line"},

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Ok.  I found a hack

All I need to do now is add "FY12" and "FY13" at the bottom of the chart appropriately.

Any ideas?
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Oh...that was clever and easy
Hi, i am glad it works for you... I tried combining them but couldn't have one not stacked and the other two stacked in the same group (sorry)