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My computer got some problems.  Don't know how to fix it.

1. When I want to log in to a website, it doesn't respond.
2. When I log in to one website, the password I typed in is not hidden with a big full stop symbol.
3. When I view a website, the website has photos to be viewed.  However, it says the file cannot be found.

Attached are some examples.  Please help.  I have sued SlimCleaner to clean.  Doesn't work.  

Even for this email, I click "Attached File" below, it doesn't respond.  I have to use another PC to send this request.  I used "Attached" button, seems it uploads the file, then stay there, doesn't do anything.

Please help!! Please help!!
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tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried another browser besides Firefox?
Sam Simon NasserConnect With a Mentor CONSULTANT/DIRECTORCommented:
lets move step by step ...
for the images not showing (and per the link you posted), this is the image:

click on it and feedback if you can view the image or not. if yes, then maybe Firefox is corrupted and need re-installation.
can you also try Google chrome to check is issue persist?
mk50Author Commented:

seems Google chrome has resolved the problems.

I can see the following image:

I reinstalled the firefox.  The problems still exist.  When the first time I click the image, the image is shown, however, when I want to view the next page, it doesn't respond.  Then I click the same image again, it gives me the message that the file is not found.

I have also reinstalled IE, the same problem occurs.  

Just wonder whether there is any idea of how to fix the problem for firefox and IE.  

Thanks again.

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Sam Simon NasserCONSULTANT/DIRECTORCommented:
whats the firefox version installed? from main menu -> help -> about firefox
mk50Author Commented:
Firefox 20.0.1
mk50Author Commented:
downloaded the latest version from Firefox website.  Thanks.
mk50Author Commented:
Hi,  tailoreddigital, samnasser,

Thank you very much.  You both are genius.  Firefox works perfectly now.  Keep my fingers crossed.!!

Thank you!!  Thank you!!!

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