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I cannot build a eclipse C++ project as teh main function is in c file

I have 5 files in my eclipse c++ proj:
A.h , A.cpp , B.h,  B.cpp  and main.c

Build it is building  c instead of C++..
So  I get this error:
/A.h:15: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘A’
In file included from ../main.c:1:
../B.h:13: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘B’

What settings would I have to change in eclipse for this ? I tried to change the make manually  file but it does not help.
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Does changing main.c to main.cpp help (and fixing any C++ issues that may arise)?
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yes that works.. but there should be some option eclipse..
I want to know that configuration.
It may help to know your OS, Eclipse version, and C/C++ compiler Eclipse is using.
It may help if you post the simplest example of your 5 files.

Are you able to build outside of Eclipse the mixed C/C++ project from a command line without problems?
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I am running it on centos 5.5
eclipse version : Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
                           Version: Helios Release
I did not try to build outside eclispe.

I have 5 simple files: ClassA containing a constructor and destructor and printA() function.
Same with ClassB .
And a main.c file which creates teh obj of the two classes and calls teh function printA() respectively.
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I am not aware how eclipse is building the code internally.
I run eclipse on a centos system and the eclipse version is Helios Release.

I usually have all files in .cpp and everything was fine. But in this project there is a combination of c and c++  files. ANd the main function is in a c file. THats is what is causig the problem.
>> the eclipse version is Helios Release
Yep, you said that earlier. I will guess that you are using gnu compiler/linker.
FYI - Eclipse does not come with a compiler.

>> ANd the main function is in a c file. THats is what is causig the problem.
Yep, you said that earlier.

Not sure how you are doing this since C language doesn't know about C++ classes. Mixing C and C++ can be done. Are you following the directions in this link?
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