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PST Capture Took


I am running the PST Capture Tool 2.0 on 2008R2 - Exchange 2010

The tool finds the PSTs, but when I select "Set Mailbox" - it gives an error saying failed to retrieve mailboxes.

The error log shows this:

22:33:47.239|Verbose|Server Provider     |9  |Get server took 1.6536s - AD performance may not be optimal
22:33:47.239|Error  |CentralService      |9  |Error occured in get mailbox update check
System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryOperationException: The directory service is busy.

I'm pulling my hair out with this, I've tried:

- re-installing the capture tool
- re-installing on a new 2012 server
- re-installing on the 2003R2 DC

What else can I try?
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Scott C
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Contact the makers of the tool?
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That's meant to be an Expert Comment?

What's the point of Experts Exchange if idiots come along and say "Why not contact Microsoft?"
The first poster is obviously unaware of the tool in question and that is a Microsoft product.

Is Exchange installed on a domain controller?
Is the global catalog close to Exchange?

Are you running the tool on Exchange, or on a member server? What permissions does the account have that you are running the tool under?


Sometimes that is the suggestion.  

You have tried almost all of the troubleshooting steps.  At this point I'd contact the makers as there might be a bug with their program.

You might also want to watch the name calling.  That type of behavior is frowned on here.
Simon, thanks for the response.

- Exchange is not running on a DC
- tried on 2008R2 (Exchange Server) and 2012 Standard Member Server
- I'm running under the main domain administrator

Apologies for the name-calling, frustrated at the end of a thankless evening getting nowhere.
oh, and when you said 'close' to a GC server, it's on the same LAN, if that's what you mean?
The files listed above are:
    PSTCapture.msi - Contains the console and administrative toolset
    PSTCaptureAgent.msi - Contains the agent for workstations

Pre reqs
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later
PowerShell 3.0 or later
Microsoft Outlook 2010 x64 (only required on the host computer where you install the Central Service and Console)

64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 (required only on the host computer where you install the PST Capture Console)

Try it on some Client thats 64 bit within the environment

- Rancy
tried 64 bit clients, still the exact same error on whichever client runs the console.

Looks like an AD problem??
Do you have some different account that maybe you can try ..... if AD problem maybe you can check with Repadmin or some commands to ensure its healthy

- Rancy
Create a specific account for the task that has the relevant permissions in EXCHANGE. Make it a domain only admin. From memory it will need Exchange View Only permissions as well to enumerate the mailboxes.

Same LAN is fine - the point I was making there for the GC was some people try to run it over a WAN and things start to time out because of the load on AD.

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Figured the answer out on our own, and none of the suggested solutions were accurate.