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Cannot send meeting requestes outside my domain


I have Windows 7 with Outlook 2010 installed on my PLC.

I cannot send meeting requests outside my Domain. Internal meeting requests work fine.

When I send an email, it shows up as a blank email.
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It should have an ICS attachment. Doesn't it?
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No it does not.
I kindly ask you to send a meeting request to my following address Please reply when done since it isn't check 24x7.
Have sent request.

Kind Regards
Didn't receive any mail at my address
Could you kindly check? Thank you.
Apologies. You should have now
I got them both... they were classified as SPAM. Will have a look and report back.
I suspect the missing ICS file is somehow related to the SPAM classification. I kindly ask you to send me, 3 mails:
a. One meeting request WITHOUT signature (both previous requests came with the signature which includes two 2 links),
b. One mail (not meeting request) WITH signature.
c. One mail (not meeting request) WITHOUT signature.

Let me know when you did it. Thank you.
The links you refer to are associated with my GFI Mail Essentials.

I have sent one email, which has the disclaimer.

The second I think I sent in text so it should not have the links.

The meeting request has been sent hopefully without the disclaimer sent.
I have big news... I think we are moving in the right direction. I've got 3 mails from you (ALL of them classified SPAM):
a. The meeting request arrived WITHOUT signature and I also get the ICS file! WOW!
b. The mail WITH signature.
c. The mail you forced plain text in an attempt to avoid the signature. The signature is still there.

I would focus on the first result (point a.). The meeting request arrives to me as it should. Did you disable GFI Mail Essentials?
Yes I put you in the exclusions list. Is this a filtering mechanism because I have my email address and websites as URL's?
Well, I don't know. All we know is if there's no signature/disclaimer the meeting requests works as they should: the ICS file is attached to the mail.
You can perform the following test: create a (very simple - without links) test signature/disclaimer, apply it to me, send me a new meeting request. When performing these tests always use NEW meeting requests or mails - don't forward previous meeting requests or mails.

I would rather consider the following: GFI's might not work as expected when it has to deal with meeting requests. Is there any update to GFI's software? Can you consider the option of disabling signatures/disclaimers with meeting requests only?

If you send me a new meeting request and/or mail, please remember to post here you have done so. The mailbox isn't checked regularly. Thank you.
I have modifed my html disclaimer without the links and sent a request.
I have also contacted GFI technical support.
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Many thanks for your assistance. Hopefully GFI will be as helpfull.
You are welcome! Have a nice day and WE! Good Luck with GFI (they are a good company).