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Crystal Reports XI and Windows 7 64bit

Hello EE,

I have installed the same software version Crystal Reports XI on Windows Xp and Windows 7 64bit.  The XP version works correct but the Win7_64 does not.  When one goes to opening a .rpt file from a network location it ONLY shows the C drive and not any of the mapped network drives.  The Network drives are where the .rpt files reside.  

If you copy a .rpt file down to the local machine, regardless of OS, the file opens and all is well in the world.  The application is working otherwise on Windows 7 64bit accept for this odd network drive issue.  When you go to open it shows the following options under menu "open"

My documents
Web folders

and when you move down in through Desktop it will only show "Hard Disk Drives 1" and "Devices with Removable storage(1)".

Is there a .ini file that needs to be modified or some environment variable?

Let me know if more info is needed, Thanks for your help!
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Mike McCracken

CR XI is strictly 32-bit.  Not sure if that is part of the issue.

Mapped drives are part of the user profile and have nothing to do with your application or Crystal reports. I bet you cannot see them also in Windows Explorer. Map them again or if you have a domain ask the System Administrator to check the loading script
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CR opens up without errors.  it can view and or edit the rpt file if the file is opened from some where on the C drive.

Windows explorer shows the mapped drives.  when i double click a networked rpt file it responds with opening the CR application but says "there was a problem sending the command to the program"

Thanks for responding!
One thing I just noticed is this application is called "Crystal Reports for ESRI" not sure how this makes a difference.
I believe that is a version specifically to work with ESRI databases and probably not a full version.

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Did you buy a full version of Crystal or is this a version that came from a third-party (OEM version)?

this was a full version of Crystal.  I thought we had gotten this from our Arcgis distro but we have the full CD version.
I asked only because if you had an OEM version the service packs wouldn't have worked.  Also by installing the full build, you installed a non-OEM version which might cause problems with the application in addition to being a license violation.

this was the solution that gave me the ability to view mapped drives within Crystal Reports File->open.