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avi files cannot be played successfully on iMac 10.7.5

I have a client who suddenly cannot play avi video files on an imac running 10.7.5 osx.

i am not a huge whizz on iMac so i was not able to see what the software was not encoding the video properly.

When they try to play the video it comes up with moving colour blocks on the screen, but no clear or even fuzzy picture.  you can also hear sounds but not anything legible.

is this something to do with codecs?

Can someone help me to solve this one at all.
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Download and install the latest free version of Flip4Mac:
Also, download and install Perian: (also free).

Between the two of them, they will install most codecs needed.
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Michael Belletty


I am pretty sure I did both of those and they did not work, but will try again with your links and see what happens.
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Tim Lapin
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Can you send us a link to one of the files he can't play?
Is he trying to play the files in his browser or in QuickTime player? If in a browser, which one?