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all in title search

I use the search    allintitle:"keyword phrase" extensively for SEO.
Suddenly today google has stopped displaying the number of sites and the sites that have the target phrase in thetitle.
do you know why?
What can I do to restore this valuable service?
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Scott Fell
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Works for me

allintitle:craft beer
Good choice of search terms. :^)

In your results page, if you click on the the search tools button, it will toggle the approx # of hits on or off.

see attached jpg for example:
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I have tried what you  said.   There is no toggle on or off.
You just click on the "search tools" link.

Does this mean you got it to work?  What happened when you clicked on the link I gave you?

If you are getting something else, can you send a screen shot?  Which OS are you using? type of device? browser?
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I have clicked on the search tools link.   Nothing changes and there are no options to turn on or off.
No it is not working
Your link produced the results I have been getting for three years - until today
Herewith screenshot of what I am getting.
Windows 7.   Firefox.
Incidentally I have done this hundreds of times withou any problems until today.
Where you have "past Year   sorted by relevance     all results        clear"

Try clicking on the Clear button to clear your search filters.
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I have tried that.  I have also re-started.   No good.  I have also tried allindescription.
Same problem.
just out of curiosity I'd like to see what you get with javascript disabled.  When I do that, Google serves up a page where those options are available on the left.

to disable javascript in firefox... go to tools / content ... uncheck "enable Javascript".
In any case, I get the same results you do. I understand you do this a lot but it would have been easier if you would have taken a screen shot from the link so we can compre apples to apples easier.  

I even get the same ad you do.

If you click on the word "Search Tools" that is what is supposed to toggle showing you how many results.  Although I find that not very accurate on a micro level.    

It is possible something has changed though, I don't search like this every day.
Have you installed any add-ons or plug-ins recently?   you could try disabling these to see if that helps.
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great.  thanks.  that works.  i admire your patience and diligence.   what am i missing having javascript disabled?
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Ken Butters
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thanks for your help
Well... we've narrowed down the original problem to an issue with javascript and firefox...try one more thing.... go ahead and re-enable javascript ...

But then restart firefox with add-ons disabled.... go to firefox help menu item, and select "Restart with add-ons Disabled"....

Then select yes ... you sure you want to restart firefox...

The select to run without addon's  (if this doesn't work... do this same procedure again... but select "Reset Firefox".

Also curious to know if you experience the same issue with Chrome or IE?