Router 1720: Networking problem

I have a router Cisco 1720
I connect the router to my workstation(Workstation#1) using the console cable
I copied the current configuration (Please see the attachment)
+1) From the configuration, I know  ..
+2) The IP address of the Router is “” and the subnet mask is “”
The goal: I want to connect this router to my workstation(Workstation#1) using the cross-over cable
The things that I did:
+3) On my workstation(Workstation#1):
      +i) Go to the TCP/IP setting
      +ii) Give the IP :
      +iii) Subnet-mask :
      +iv) Default Gateway: Blank
      +v) DNS: Blank
+4) Testing the connection (between Workstation#1 and Workstation#2)
      +i) I use another  computer (Workstation#2)
      +ii) The TCP/IP setting of workstation#2
            +a1) IP address:
            +a2) The Subnet-mask:
                 +iii) I connect workstation#1 and workstation#2 with cross-over cable (I can see the “blinking lights” both at RJ45 ports of both workstations)
      +iv) I can ping successfully workstation#2 ( from workstation#1 ( and vice versa

+5) Now, I want to connect my workstation (Workstation#1) with the Router 1720 using the cross-over cable
      +i) I connect the cable, but I did not see “any blinking” at both RJ45 ports either at Workstation#1 or Router 1720
      +ii) But I continue with creating the connection:
            +a1) Open the Hyperterminal
            +a2) Host address:
            +a3) Port #: 23
            +a4) Connect using: TCP/IP (Winsock)
            +iii) I got the error message: “unable to connect to port 23”

Any help?

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iammorrisonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you made the changes, did you save it to the startup config?

after you apply the changes, use:

write mem

THEN reboot the router, if you didnt perform that or like a copy run-start, it wouldnt save the config when you rebooted.

once you have done this, and the router reboots, do another "show run" and make sure that the interface you are connecting to (fast 0/0 or fast 0/1 or whatever it is) does not say "shutdown"
aarieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried using a straight through cable?
iammorrisonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you shouldnt need a cross over cable. And also, what interface are you connecting to on the router?
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tjieAuthor Commented:
@aarie & @ iammorrison:

1) I tried "Straight throuhg cable"
- Result: It is the same as above (It does not work)
2) I did not see "any blinking lights" at RJ45 ports either at Router or Workstation#1
3) @iammorrison: I connect to 10/100 Ethernet Port at the router (There are 3 ports: Console, AUX and 10/100 Ethernet Port; all ports are RJ45 ones)
4) When I did "ipconfig" at workstation#1; the result: "media disconnected"
5) When I tried to ping ""; Result: "Destination host unreachable"
6) When I tried to ping ""; Result: "Destination host unreachable"

1) It seems that the Router is DEAD ....
2) Workstation#1 cannot DETECT it at all ...
3) (But Workstation# 1 can connect to workstation#2 Perfectly)
4) I believe there is "something" in the router configuration that we should add?

Any help?

iammorrisonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you can console into the router (using the console interface and the proper cable) make sure that the Fast Ethernet interface isnt shut down

(once consoled in)

conf t
int fast 0/0 (or fast 0/1 if there is a WIC installed)
no shut
aarieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To check the status of the fast ethernet interfaces, you can use the 'show interfaces status' command when in enable mode.
tjieAuthor Commented:
I did the followings: (as per your direction)
conf t
int fast 0/0 (or fast 0/1 if there is a WIC installed)
no shut
Then, I did restart the router “reload”
When I did CHECKING:
+1) The Result is still THE SAME; I cannot connect to the Router (Using Telnet; port# 23)(Either using Straight or Cross-over cable)
+2) When I do “Show Run” and copy the above configuration; I cannot find the wording “NO ShUt”; is it the SIGN that the Router  is not able to do the modification anymore?
aarieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, did you connect your workstation to the 'fastethernet0' port? That's where the ip-address is on, so that's where you'll need to connect the workstation to.

The configuration will only show 'shutdown' (when the interface is shut down administratively). It will not show 'no shutdown' (which is when the interface is administratively enabled), as this is a default setting for physical interfaces (like the fastethernet0 port you've configured).
tjieAuthor Commented:
The approaches partly solve the problem
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