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does anyone know of a free registry cleaner?

does anyone know of a free registry cleaner for windows 7?
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This is an other one:
- Wise Registry Cleaner

My tip, don't use any registry cleaner's!
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I second awawada's tip. Registry cleaners may cause more problems than they solve. Regards, joe
As "AwaWada" said:  Avoid if you can (I cannot).  Some cause serious problems with system or applications operation.

Having said that I found "Wise registry cleaner" the best.  I have used the portable version for many months now; keep it updated; and have had no problems so far (btw, I use it almost every week on two PCs, one 32 bit and another 64 bit Windows 8).

If you do decide to go ahead, download it from: >

Note: If you decide to assign any points, please do it to AwaWada's post.  Thanks.
Lot of my system engineers used registry cleaner Tools. We had only Problems! And believe me lot of strange things.
So they are no longer allowed to use any of them. If you have registry experience, you don't need any of these Tools. I remove them manually.
But believe me this will not tune your System so much. May be 1 second :)
If you need a good Tool then use Autoruns from Microsoft. This will speedup your Boot process. After run the defrag.

AwaWada,  I use it to delete, mainly, leftovers and MRUs.  I also use an excellent program (Registry Registrar Manager) for doing searches and wiping out all traces of installed programs (even Revo Uninstaller is not perfect).

For safety, however, CCleaner is the best (worry-free usage).

Frankbustos, I believe you have enough information to make an informed decision. Happy registry-cleaning or not-cleaning.
I will try Registry Registrar Manager on my Lab. :) Thanks!
Don't use them and don't recommend them.  And I'm far from a novice - nearly 20 years working professionally and a long track record here.

Use one if you want, but Microsoft doesn't offer one, as I've heard, because creating one would be too difficult, ensuring it doesn't screw something up.  So if you start using others when MS says it's too difficult, I think you'll find few professionals use them and they often cause more problems than the solve.

What is your review to Autoruns?
I know it is not a registry cleaner. :)
As you point out, it's not a registry cleaner.  I make the sysinternals tools a part of all my systems and that includes autoruns.
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thanks this seemed to have fixed my problems.