php foreach loop

I have a good idea what the attached  code  is doing but could someone please explain exactly what these parts are doing - step by step please:

I understand the insert command but not too sure of the foreach part and the entered data
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Chris StanyonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As nick says, it's looping through an array of data that's been POSTed to your script. Those lines are just creating the SQL INSERT statement, which by-the-way is not a very safe way to do it - it is entering data straight into your database without any sanitization!!

It's a common way to have an array of data for things like a shopping cart. Assume you have three products in your cart, with IDs of product1, product2, and product3. Your POST data might look something like this:

$_POST[qty][1] = 5
$_POST[price][1] = £19.00
$_POST[code][1] = 'product1'

$_POST[qty][2] = 7
$_POST[price][2] = £5.00
$_POST[code][2] = 'product2'

$_POST[qty][3] = 5
$_POST[price][3] = £10.99
$_POST[code][3] = 'product3'

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First time through the loop - foreach ($_POST[qty] as $key => $value)

$key = 1
$value = 5
$_POST[price][$key] = £19.00
$_POST[code][$key] = product1

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Assuming $oid has been set to ORDER1, your SQL STATEMENT look likes this:

INSERT INTO ordered_items
(oitem_order, oitem_item, oitem_price, oitem_code, oitem_qty)
('ORDER1', '1', '£19.00', 'product1', '5');

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Second time through the loop and your SQL Statement looks like this:

INSERT INTO ordered_items
(oitem_order, oitem_item, oitem_price, oitem_code, oitem_qty)
('ORDER1', '2', '£5.00', 'product2', '7');

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Hope that helps :)
nickinthoozConnect With a Mentor Commented:
	foreach ($_POST[qty] as $key => $value) {
	//this is basically saying that for each post variable of quantity (for each item submitted in the form under quantity)
	// which loops through getting the key and value of each item
	if ($value) {
	// Then they are using a conditional to assure that the $value variable actually contains anything
	// if not, then it skips the mysql insert
	//then you can see where they are inserting in to the database, all the variables that have been set
	mysql_query("INSERT INTO ordered_items (oitem_order, oitem_item, oitem_price, oitem_code, oitem_qty) VALUES

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I did further commenting although it's commented very well telling you what's happening.  In short, it's going through each of the post quantity items submitted and checking to see if there is a value before putting them in to the database.

For instance, if you have a form with 10 quantity fields, and only 4 are filled out, it's getting the value of those 4, inserting them in to the database and ignoring the ones that don't have a value.
doctorbillAuthor Commented:
what exactly is going on here:


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nickinthoozConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The post variable is coming from the form as an array like so:

$price = array(1.00, 2.56, 3.49, 4.68)

what $key => $value does is basically take the above and make it:

$key         $price

price        1.00
price        2.56
price        3.49
price        4.68

with price being the "key" and the amount being the "value".  Instead of it coming in with 4 different entries, by putting it in array form it allows you to get one variable and divide them up with the code.  Take a look at these two:
doctorbillAuthor Commented:
so $key is refering to a position in an array ?
Chris StanyonCommented:
Impossible to say! Don't know how you've created your form.

Look at the source of your form before POSTing it - the $key value is the bit that appears in the 'name', so if your form field is called something like qty['xyz'] then the 'xyz' bit is what gets read as the $key value. They'll be some other code somewhere that creates these names!
Chris StanyonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You just changed your comment while I was replying. It may not be the position - it could be anything:

$_POST[qty]['xyz'] = 5
$_POST[price]['xyz'] = £19.00
$_POST[code]['xyz'] = 'product1'

$_POST[qty]['test1'] = 7
$_POST[price]['test1'] = £5.00
$_POST[code]['test1'] = 'product2'

$_POST[qty]['cheese'] = 5
$_POST[price]['cheese'] = £10.99
$_POST[code]['cheese'] = 'product3'

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If the above array is POSTed then $key will equal xyz, test1 and cheese on subsequent loops through your array!

The $key part is being inserted into oitem_item column in your table, but we have no way of knowing what that's for.
Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't use this code.  It is a security risk because it uses external variables without any "sanity checks" or preparation for use in a query.  And if the query fails, the script will not detect the failure so your data base is at risk of silent corruption and data loss.  I would fire a programmer who wrote something like this.

And in related news, you need to get off MySQL because PHP is removing it.  This article tells why that is happening and gives the step-by-step instructions for what you must do to keep your scripts working.

When you want to see what is contained in a variable you can use this function:

Example: var_dump($_POST);

If you look at the HTML form and the contents of the request variable ($_GET, $_POST) you will find a relationship.
doctorbillAuthor Commented:
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