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Delete a mailbox and Active Directory account

Wanted to delete a user account.
Running Windows server 2008 R2 on DC and Exchange 2010. Accidentally deleted a user in ADUC prior to deleting in Exchange ESM.Restored user to  ADUC using tool called ADRESTORE.NET - now attempting to delete mailbox and receive the error message "isn't a mailbox user.

how can I delete this mailbox and user account from our network
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You need to recreate a user, can be a test user, and reattach the disconnected mailbox to the account.  Then you can Remove them both from the Exchange Management Console.
You have to reattach the mailbox to the AD user account -
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Deleting an AD account will disconnect the mailbox from that account. Restoring the AD account will not restore the mailbox. The mailbox is already disabled. After your retention period, it will be automatically purged from the server.
Do a right click "RUn Cleanup Agent" or restart the InformationStore service after production hours and then Simply right click that Mailbox in ESM and hit Purge

- Rancy
There's a Run Cleanup Agent in 2010?
EMC - disconnected mailboxes and you can attach it to a normal AD account.
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it is not showing up as a disconnected mailbox in ESM.
I do not see a Run Cleanup Agent anywhere
Sorry Exchange 2010 :) ,...... run the below command from Shell


- Rancy
this is the message I receive if I select properties of mailbox in ESM
Look at Rancy's command.. open your Exchange Management Shell and run the command clean-mailboxdatabase -identity 'database name'
then you can refresh the view on your disconnect mailboxes part of the Exchange Management Console.
It is not there
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User mailbix removed as soon as I ran the command and refreshed the ESM

Thank you