Changing stripes into a solid

Hello, All

I have a photo I want to retouch in order to change a striped shirt into a solid color.
Ive been able to mute the stripes somewhat, but is there a technique you might suggest which would enable me  to eliminate them completly in favor of a solid color? Im using PS 7 trying to edit this photo:
solids vs stripes
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tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's grey,
I changed the overlay color to grey,  and more tweaks.    I can't emphasize enough,  tweak it, tweak it and then tweak it.    The more you play with the sliders and options, the more you can find the adjustment you need.   It takes many hours of practice.
Analog_KidAuthor Commented:
That looks promising, Gary. Thanks.
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tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
GaryC123's tutorial is a great way to do it, but i think your stripes are bit too small and distorted to get that technique to work well.

This is another option,

1) First i cut the shirt out and placed it on its own layer
2) Cut out the sleeve lines and placed them on their own layer
3) I added a Color Overlay (blending option) of the red color
4) Created another copy of the shirt layer and added a slight texture to it
5) Tweaked the opacity of each layer and blending option to get things to blend
6) Last i created a merge of the whole picture and placed it on a layer
7) Added noise to the merged layer to get the shirt to blend into the picture

captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey A_K

The Replace Color option is the most sophisticated way to do this. If PS7 does not support this (and I cannot remember it has been such a long time since PS7) you can use the Magic Wand Tool and select the grey areas and copy them to a new layer and the Adjust the Hue and Colorize from Image>Adjustment>Hue&Saturation.

This way you have the benefit of not losing the texture underneath similar to the Replace Color option.

Analog_KidAuthor Commented:
This is a poor image to begin with. There is a lot of bleed, and on top of that there are fine stripes and bold stripes. It looks like no matter what I do, I cant get the results Im looking for. Perhaps I should have asked if you would give it a try and see what you could do with it as my skills are not all that great.
Analog_KidAuthor Commented:
Wow, tailoreddigital, that looks great! Think you could do that and make the shirt grey?
How'd you do that so fast? Ive been agonizing over this for ages!
Thank you all for all the help!
You are not kidding the file is a tough one. The T-shirt cannot really be flat grey as it will look like painted on, to retain structure and texture I left a little stripeyness in it. I also tried softening the JPG fragments.

grey shirt
captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ultimately the more you bring the stripe colours closer the more artificial it looks...

More contrast on the stripes makes it look more natural,

more natural
Analog_KidAuthor Commented:
Hours of practice sound much better than hours of frustration.
Thank you all for your assistance. Made quick work of it.
Much appreciated!!
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