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Migrating From windows server 2003 to windows server 2008 R2

We purchased the new server and it came with server 2008 R2. We have a old server which running windows server 2003 R2. I need to setup DC on new server and make this server as primary and then demote DC on old server.

Could you please confirm my steps and let me know if they are true ?

1- Run adprep/ forestprep and adprep/ domainprep on old server
 2- Install Active Directory services on new server ( I am not sure if I have to  ?)
3- Joind new server to the domain ( I am not sure I must to do this ?)
4- Run Dcprmo on new server and add DC under existing domain
5- Install DNS and GC
6- Restart the server after running Dcpromo
7- Remove old server from GC
8- Demote old DC

Please confirm

Thank you
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Thank you very much

I also need to transfer FSMO rules correct ?
No. You can have any numbers of DCs in an environment.

Though you would like to move them to a newer one because you expect the hardware to last more.

FSMO transfer is not needed per se but if you are demoting the existing one then you would need to,