Is there any way for Mac user to access public folders in OWA in Exchange 2007?

I migrated a small office (10) users from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 and for the most part I had no problems.  One user works remotely and insists on using Mac with Safari browser to access OWA on the new server.  Three of the users are sharing calendars in a Public Folder, which was no problem for the Mac user on the Exchange 2003 Server with SBS 2003, but now with Exchange 2007 SP2 he still can't access the Public Folder in OWA - as he is limited to the "light" version.
After the migration this problem has come to light, nobody mentioned to me prior to the migration that they were accessing OWA from a Mac.  Now that I'm searching on the internet for answers, it appears there is no fix for this.  I am able to now find forum threads that indicate this has been a problem from the release of Ex. 2007.
So far I have tried FireFox on the Mac, and tried to use the plugin "IE Tab V2", which is a solution that works but only on a Windows PC (which doesn't make much sense, because a Windows PC would already have Internet Explorer that would allow the premium version of OWA.
I have also tried enabling the "Developer" option in Safari and selecting IE as the agent to view the OWA website.  This works partially - when I log in to OWA I can see the Public Folders, but none of the links will work - folders, functions, etc. all just seem suspended.
Is there really no work-around for this after so many years?  It is difficult to find all of the answers online, but I can't even seem to find out if the Mac user would be able to access the Public Folder if we upgraded to Exchange 2010 or 2013 - if anyone has a definite answer about that, please reply.

Thanks for any help, Rob
Rob GrinageManagerAsked:
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cpmcomputersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did this recently for a client
(Sbs2008 exchange 2007)
Outlook for mac uses RPC/http so only requires Internet connection not VPN
She has VPN to access files on the server

I also created some drive maps to her files on the server
Why not VPN the mac to the server and give the user full outlook functionality ?
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Rob GrinageManagerAuthor Commented:

So, I like the idea of installing Outlook for Mac on the users machine, then set up a VPN connection.  I was confused by your comment about RPC/http - does that mean I can set something up other than VPN?  Could you briefly outline the steps I would follow?  THANKS!
Rob GrinageManagerAuthor Commented:
I am going to attempt the VPN connection with Outlook for Mac.  If I have any problems I will post here and maybe ask for help... I have rarely worked with mac machines, so I'm relying on google help for now.  After I get it working I will accept the solution given by cpmcomputers.
Hi sorry for delay posting back

The Http/Rpc means that outlook for mac will work without setting up a VPN

it uses a secure connection over a standard broadband line
so as long as the user has internet it will connect to the exchange server

The VPn is only needed if the user wants access to files on the server also
Post back if you need more
Check your exchange 2007 is at least SP1 or later ( latest is sp3 I think)
Rob GrinageManagerAuthor Commented:
The VPN was not necessary, and using Outlook for Mac is working!  Thanks for the help.
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