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Good Hibernate tool

Hello there,

can somebody suggest some good hibernate tools for a big project. my ide is eclipse juno. other then Jboss hibernate plugin.

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Manikandan Thiagarajan
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hibernate is a orm framework
i suggest stateless session bean with hibernate that provide performance.

other than eclipse you go for Jdeveloper with hibernate that inbuilt with oc4j server
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thanks for your comments. what I am looking is for hibernate tools to make things simple and faster for me when creating hbm.xml files and the pojo class from db tables. I mean 3rd party softwares
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chaitu chaitu
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use annoation instead of hbm.xml file
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it seems you'll are not understanding my question. I am looking for a software/tool/plugin to use with my eclipse ide to make my job easier. I want to create hbm.xml and pojo class from my db tables.

by: chaituu

you are near to my question,but I want to know are there better tool/plugin other then the JBoss as I found it to be unstable sometimes