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Outlook 2013 - emails stuck in Outbox

Since installing Office 2013 trial for Small Business (was ok in the Home Premium Trial) my emails are not going from Outlook 2013.
No problem sending from my mail hosting's web interface, or from iPhone.
The error is 0x80044210B. Googled and nothing helpful.

I have run repair Office 2013.
I have uninstalled crashed AddIns.
Tried with disabling Norton 360.

Any ideas please?
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Hi Takecoffee,

I can't find that file on
Is it save to downloaded it from anywhere?
check your server if that file is available or not server where Norton 360 is installed.
I searched my C drive and it doesn't come up.

Would reinstalling Norton 360 do the job?
I was thinking of UNINSTALLING Norton to see if that's why the emails are stuck. BTW intermittently the emails went ok, but I couldn't see why. Once was when I clicked 'enable' on a disabled AddIn (Evernote) and Outlook crashed and then when started the emails went like normal. Tried again later and that did not happen :( mystery
Looks like issue with Norton 360 with Outlook 2013.
Try to disable outgoing email scan option
I completely uninstalled Norton 360. Still got the problem :(
that means some other addon is conflicting,

try to disable all one by one ..and then check ..
I uninstalled GoToMeeting from my PC. And that worked. But .... let's see if it comes back!

Shall report back.
finger crossed
legs also.
Just to crash test, I reinstalled GoToMeeting. And guess what? The blooming problem returned! Ok, no surprise perhaps.

But worse! When I uninstalled it again, the problem DID NOT GO this time!

So, I'm none the wiser. (for those unfamilar with English idiots (lol), that means I don't know any better now)
very odd. I never found out why. Reinstalled Office 2013.

there was a warning about my hard drive about to fail. that may have been it.