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TSql coding for conditional results

I need to pass the records of a table, record by record, to another set of logic that will pull certain results based on various conditions.

In Table1 I have two cols.  1)  StoreCode  2)JobCode.  This table gets updated via another process.  Typically no more than 10 records.  

I need to take each record (each StoreCode and JobCode combination) and pull from say an Employees table to get a list of each employee that matches that StoreCode and JobCode.

The catch is this:  In theory there should only be one record in the Employees table for each StoreCode and Jobe Code.  If only one record does exist I want to pull 3 fields from the employess table (Fname, Lname, Rank).

If no records are found then I just want to return one record with NULL for each of those 3 fields.

If multiple records are found I want to return one record with the values 'Duplicates', NULL, NULL

In the end result I need a table that has the same number of records that were in Table1 with the results found in the conditional logic above.

Results table would look similar to this:  

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works as advertised.  Thanks.  I have a logic twist I need to add but will post that as another question as you did answer this specific question.  Hopefully you can look at it as I want to keep the code you sent.