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Open CSV file, copy first cell of A1 to clipboard, delete it, save file

Hi everyone,

I am using a Macro Recorder software that allows C# scripts to be used as part of the macro.

The script I need to adapt is this:

public class Program
	public static void Main()

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What I need the C# to do is this:
1) Open a .csv file on my PC
2) Copy the first cell, e.g. A1 to clipboard
3) Delete A1
4) Save file

Can anyone help? Would make my life easier!


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Thanks - does this also delete the row after its been copied to clipboard and save file?
It copies and deletes the 1st cell in the 1st line
Thank you for your post - but I have tried including it in the function above and it wont work.

I get error messages like:
"The type or namespace name "var" could not be found"
use string instead of var.
Except In the first line use string[] instead of var.