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I cannot figure out what this log screen is, any ideas?

See screenshot attached, its been bugging me for months and I dare not enter my credentials as I haven't a clue what it is.  It appears every time I logon to the server.
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Pradeep Dubey
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You are getting this Pop up login window because you have set the proxy in IE.

Remove the proxy and check for unwanted app installed on the server. It may be a app is asking this.
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IE does have a proxy set on it, all be it greyed out and not in fact using it. All checkboxes are unticked.

"check for unwanted app installed on the server." - this was my question, I need to identify which app is presenting itself and asking for credentials.

Look in task manager - the offending item will go when you cancel it. Alternatively use sysinternals process monitor.

I need a bit more help here.  How on earth can I open task manager and watch which of the many processes close when I cancel it?
enable the PID display in normal task mgr and short it as per PID open and close the task to findout process.

you can also use the procmon

direct download link:
I tried doing this but the logon screen disappeared before I had a chance to close it in TM!  therefore it will now need to wait until the screen pops up again which it does not seem to be doing at the moment.
Just now, I had the logon in front of me, I opened Task Manager, counted 13 processes, closed the logon screen and still had 13 processes.
May I know the OS?
Small Business Server 2011.
Then whenever you see that popup again, open task manager and check the application tab.

you will see that popup listed in that or not.

Also you can use any free version of Advance task manager to findout which process is actually asking for credentials.
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thanks for pointers but it was the Task Scheduler Engine in the end.