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I feel like I am close here - trying to setup a secondary DNS record for a website that will go to a secondary log on page hosted on the same server has primary.  So, I have my 2 DNSrecords site.domain.com and site2.domain.com

I've created a secondary virtual site in IIS7, and created a new virtual directory.  I added the binding for site2.domain.com to the secodnary site in IIS.

Next I created a new document in the secondary sites Virtual Directory a "default.asp" with the following:
Response.Redirect "http://site.domain.com/SecondaryLogonPage.asp"

Now, if I browse site2.domain.com from the server itself, it works perfectly (redirects to site.domain.com/secondarylogon.asp, i do not mind he URL changing).  

But if I do it fro many other PC, I get a 404 Not Found error. One thing i notice is it's redirecting to site.domain.com/mainLogon.asp (which is defined in the primary sites virtual directories default.html)  

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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
First thing with a 404 is does the actual site load from another host. Put up a dummy page without your redirect and try.

what is the actual IP resolving to?

CMD> nslookup site2.domain.com

Additionally, I understand the process as such;

1. You browse to site2.domain.com/default.asp
2. That does a meta-redirect to http://site.domain.com
3. you receive 404 from any pc but the server.

If you don't mind the url changing why not just remove the static page as such and let IIS hand the default page for that site?

Response.Redirect "http://site.domain.com"

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