Windows 2003 Enterprise as a two node cluster with SQL 2003

the Cluster service stops by itself and looking at the event logs, I see tons of Event ID 1069 with the following messages.

Cluster resource 'ArcSde Service(A)' in Resource Group 'Cluster Group' failed.
Cluster resource 'ArcSde Service(B)' in Resource Group 'Cluster Group' failed.
Cluster resource 'ArcSde Service(C)' in Resource Group 'Cluster Group' failed.

Any ideas??
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VirastaRConnect With a Mentor UC Tech Consultant Commented:
Hi Please check this..

and also please post the full Event 1069 if possible along with Source in that event.

I'm assuming you meant SQL server 2005 (or possibly SQL 2008). Also, can you give more details about the "ArcSde Service" cluster resource?
VirastaRUC Tech Consultant Commented:

please post a screenshot of the error if possible.

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