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What is "attrFn"? Anyway to upgrade/replace it?

I have the code below that uses attrFn but it's deprecated. I found these 2 links but still not clear on how to replace that.. Use Migrate plugin or is there another way to do this?

This is my code

	// support for jQuery 1.3.2 - handle common attrFn methods for dialog
	attrFn = $.attrFn || {
		val: true,
		css: true,
		html: true,
		text: true,
		data: true,
		width: true,
		height: true,
		offset: true,
		click: true

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this is code that I got from someone else and we're trying to upgrade it...

now, what do you mean add "somewhere"? i should keep that code and just add that line of code you have?
Yes. It should handle it. Alternatively remove the code - show where it's used and we can help
>> show where it's used and we can help

the code is above. Post the Jquery , the entire file here?? (sorry, new to Jquery) i need to find where that JQuery function in the code is being called?
I added it to the bottom of the code above, like below. In Chrome, I clicked on "inspect element" and "console" tab. I still see that it's referring to that function

JQMIGRATE: jQuery.attrFn is deprecated jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js:41
console.trace() jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js:43
Yes it will still show up because it will use it if present and not if not.

Post the code where you call it
i'm new to the code. Let me find the call. (let me know if you want me to close this question and open a new one) Thanks for sticking with this question.
Just leave this question open
thanks, going to close this until i get the know the code more. Thanks for your help