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Pdf file recieved as winmail.dat file Outlook 2010

I have an office with users using office 2007 and 2010 on Exchange 2010. The users get regular email from a client with a pdf the users using 2007 can see the pdf the 2010 users get an attachment winmail,dat. All the reading I've done for the problem has to do with the sender and asking them to not send out the message in RTF but if it were a problem on the senders side why can my 2007 users see it. And also I have no control on the Outlook settings for a user at another company. There has to be something locally I can do to receive these files.
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They could use this link
This is an incredibly common problem and there is no one solution that works for everyone. If you search EE by putting "winmail.dat" in the search box above, you will get 770 hits with thousands of views among them. I suggest reading some of those threads and trying some of the fixes that worked for other members, but this is definitely a "ymmv" situation. Regards, Joe
Or you could look into this

Winmail.dat reader
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That site didn't open that winmail file either
Thanks Joe
I even logged into the users account in Outlook Web access. And those messages show the winmail.dat file too
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