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How Can I get Win7 64bit to Scan on a HP LaserJet CM3530FS MFP

For the Life of me I cannot get the Computer to see the Scanner portion.

I can print in PLC 6 & 6 and PS all Day but No Scanner

Anyone have any Tricks????

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Hi Joseph,
We had a lengthy discussion about this last year:

I suggest that you read the whole thread, but the quick bottom line is that HP did not produce scanning drivers for that device and there's nothing you can do about it (the software at the link that @n2fc sent above will not work). Regards, Joe
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Interesting suggestion from @eerwalters. To follow up on the idea, download the manual from here:

Take a look at Chapter 11 on page 149: Scan and send to e-mail, folders, and workflow destinations

Seems that email and FTP (a workflow destination) are possibilities for you with W7, but probably not a folder on the network, based on this statement on page 157:

Scan to a folder
If the system administrator has made the feature available, the product can scan a file and send it to a folder on the network. Supported operating systems for folder destinations include Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.

Worth a shot! Regards, Joe
it's connected through USB  or network?
when you go to start - printer and faxes, and right click the device, do you get the option (start scan / scan preview)?
check in device manager  if the scanner is show under imaging devices as installed
if it is , you should be able to scan from Paint>File>import from scanner
but i fear Joe is right...
I support hundreds of MFDs for network scanning but just a few are HPs.  ...Just looked and I do have one CM3530 that I have configured and is working fine.

 I use FTP exclusively and place the scanned images on shared (and restricted) network folders.  This allows each device to be able to serve multiple departments and each have their own scan destination.

 If you wish to pursue this route, I can provide some detailed instructions (and enterprise scanning theory). If it's a small shop that you are working with, you can be a little more flexible with delivery options.
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Hi Eerwalters,

I would like to see some detailed instructions,  Thanks for sharing

Is this a big shop or small shop?
Do you want to scan to the network or to an individual's PC?
Will this be for 1 user or a whole dept?
THis is a Trucking company.

12 Users Scanning

Scan to 3 Stations

The rest will scan to Server

Setup a workstation for FTP from the HP MFD

Step 1 - Install FileZilla FTP Server on the workstation
      You can download it from here

Step 2 - Configure the FTP Server
      a- Open FileZilla FTP server
      b- Create a User and a Password for the MFD (under Edit | Users | General)
            (My example shows a user named Lex because I was using a LexMark MFD on that server)

User generated image
      c- Set a Shared Folder and make it the Home folder (under Edit | Users | Shared folders)

User generated image
Step 3 - Configure the HP CM3530 for scanning to an FTP destination
    a- Open a browser
    b- Type "http://PrinterIPaddress" without the quotes and using the printer's IP address
    c- Click on the Digital Sending tab
    d- Click on Send to Folder Address Book in the left pane
    e- Under Option 2: Folders area, Click on Add Folder

User generated image    

    f- Click on FTP Site
    g- Give the entry an Alias name (Send to PC1 in this example)
    h- Enter the TCP/IP address of the desired workstation running FileZilla ( in this example)
    i- Enter the username that you created on PC1 in FileZilla for this MFD (HPmfd1 in this example)
    j- Enter the password that you gave the FileZilla user for this MFD
    k- Click on the Test FTP Credentials button to see if the MFD can connect to FileZilla.
        If it passes, continue
        If it fails, you need to troubleshoot the FTP connectivity to FileZilla until it passes
    l- Click OK
User generated image
    m- Click Send to Folder Settings in the left pane
    n- Check the box to Enable Send to Folder if it is not already checked
    o- Under the Quick Sets area, Click on Add

User generated image
    p- Enter an Alias name for this Quick Set (Scan to PC1 in this example)
    q- Highlight Send to PC1 under the Step 2 left window and Click on Add in the middle to make it a member of this Quick Set
    r- Check the box for Do Not Verify Folder Path for Every Job
    s- Choose your Color Preference, Resolution, File Format and Size
    t- Click on OK

User generated image
   1- This should allow you to scan from the MFD to a single PC in a desired folder.  You will need to repeat these steps for each individual PC to which you want to FTP from the MFD
   2- Personally, I prefer to setup a single folder on a server where the MFD can drop the file and the permissions are set so that a department shares that folder. The departmental users are then expected to move the scanned files to a more permanent location sometime shortly after scanning.  This allows for multiple departments to share a single MFD and you only need one entry on the MFD for each dept.  However, this requires investigation to see if you have an existing FTP server running on the network that can specify the destination that you desire.
And this is how you do it.

Took some time to get the Printer to accept the Scanning config though