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Redirect audio output from WMP into audio input line from microphone.


I'm trying to find some software (preferably freeware) that will redirect the audio output from an application such as Windows Media Player (WMP) away from my PC speakers and into the audio input line from my microphone.

For example, I currently use an on-screen phone and I need a way to play segments of various audio files so that the person with whom I'm speaking can hear them clearly — sort of like the audio you hear when you are on-hold with someone but in this case, be able to play the audio without being on-hold.

With the software, I need the ability to stop or start the audio or change audio files while I'm on a call just as I can with WMP when I'm not on a call. And obviously, I'm looking for a way to accomplish this internally rather than:  out through my PC speakers > through the air and > back into the mic.

Additional info:

The on-screen phone on my PC (desktop) is called Vonage Companion (VC). I've talked to Vonage tech support but have been told they don't know of a way, using the VC software, to do what I want. However, I'm hopeful that there is a software solution which inserts the WMP output into the mic audio input line before it gets to VC — so VC essentially sees the combined (mic & WMP) signal as though it's a single line in.

By the way, VC has conference call capability. One option I've tried is installing a completely separate on-screen phone (with a separate phone number) on a separate computer (laptop). I then got a 12" male-male (3.5 mm) cable from RadioShack and inserted one end in the laptop headphone jack and the other end in the laptop mic jack. I then placed a call to someone with my PC VC :) and the second call to the laptop. After the three-way conference connection was established, I began playing the audio file on the laptop WMP. The two of us on the conference call could hear bits and pieces of the laptop audio but the quality was terrible.

Any suggestions for a better solution are most welcome.


Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor   3.20 GHz
Memory:  16.0 GB
Windows 7 Ultimate  (64-bit)
Soundcard: VIA High Definition Audio (VIA Technologies, Inc.)
    Driver Version:
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3 Solutions
You could use multi-input/output audio card.

I have a M-Audio 10/10LT.    With it i can run 10 different inputs (including mic inputs) and 10 different outputs through my computer.   (M-Audio has a 4 in 4 out card too)    
M-Audio 10 10 LTI can go into a program like Alplayer or VLC Media Player and specify what particular output to send out audio.
alplayerI can also go into Skype and select Mixer or Monitor to use multiple inputs as the Microphone.   It looks like Vonage has similar input options as Skype.
inputsIn Skype, if i were to plug in a mic to one input and run the assigned output to another input, i should be able to use the "Mixer" option as the Skype Mic and play audio via my player software.      The Delta Control Panel serves as a mixer of both inputs.   Use another output or your current sound card as the output channel.
VonageLong story short,  get another sound/audio card to add inputs, outputs and mixing options. I originally bought my M-Audio for music/multitracking, it does that well.  I haven't done as much music lately, but love the ways i can route audio through my home.
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response and especially for the screenshots. They are very helpful.

After reading your post, I contacted M-Audio and was able to speak to a very helpful individual in tech-support. He said that the hardware you mentioned (M-Audio 10/10LT) might be a bit more than what I need and suggested something else called M-Track. However, that only allows input through XLR or 1/4" jacks and as we discussed that issue further, he suggested that what I really need to find is a way to combine the signals via software. Thus, I'm hopeful that you or another expert might know of a software solution to do what I'm after.

Thanks again.
This is a little difficult since the two sources of sound ( mic) and audio( speakers) will be live?
Not a capture
The problem as I see it the speakers are currently in use by both and you have only those one speakers.
even with a separate audio card the output would still be the speakers
So you'd need some sort of mixer
You say> I currently use an on-screen phone
So how is the person hearing you currently?
 Maybe a Virtual Audio Cable
Tutorial youtube
this tutorial will show you the basic's of how to setup and use VAC. VAC is basically a virtual sound mixer that allows you to mix several differet audio sources into one source on the fly
Probably not what you need, other than holding the mic to speakers or stream the live audio to your desktop phone/android
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Yes a sound mixer is what i'm suggesting too.   The M-Track doesn't appear to do this, but the 10/10LT does.   It is a mixer (software mixing of the hardware inputs).    When i posted i had a theory that i felt should work.   I just finished configuring and testing that theory and it works fine.    My wife was on the other end of Skype and i was talking with her through a mic and freely playing different tracks in VLC Media Player without any issues.    I could start and stop tracks and even use other media players while chatting.

I used the settings posted above.   The only thing i couldn't test is Vonage, but i'm confident that it will work too if you  can select the mic input (from the screenshot above it appears that you can).    The 10/10LT has many inputs and one of them is "Monitor", which lets you listen to all inputs at the same time.   I chose "Monitor" as my mic input in Skype and everything is mixed with the M-Audio Delta Control Panel (my first screenshot).
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback. I continue to search and talk to people in the hopes of finding a non-hardware-requiring solution but I really appreciate the input.
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
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