Transfer FSMO Roles

Is transferring FSMO roles from 2003 to 2012 the same process as from 2003 to other O/S ?

Also, is transferring FSMO role needed if a new domain controller is being installed and data and AD accounts (considering there aren't a huge amount) simply being transferred across to the new domain controller ?
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Rob StoneCommented:
When you create the new domain, you will get the domain roles on that first DC (PDC Emulator, Infrastructure Master and RID Master).

If you are going to decom the original domain then you will need to plan for the forest FSMO role migrations too (this is providing the new domain is in the same forest, and not a new forest which is trusted).

Here is a KB on FSMO placement - (search for General recommendations for FSMO placement).
djsharmaTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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View and transfer from FSMO Roles this article still applies for Windows Server 2012.

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discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Also, is transferring FSMO role a requirement if a new domain controller is being installed and data and AD accounts (considering there aren't a huge amount) simply being transferred across to the new domain controller ?

Simply, can transfer data manually and accounts using ADUC.

New DC is to have a new domain name.

So is FSMO transfer still a requirement from old to new considering the above ?
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers. Some good links.

But sometimes I feel this website does amaze me at times. You ask a question and only get half the answers most of the time. What am I paying for ?

My question didn't just ask how to transfer FSMO roles it also asked whether I need to do this considering the scenario.

Apologies, i'm not trying to be rude, but would be nice to get a complete answer, even though the links are useful
in my opinion you should transfer the Role.
but this is my opinion. is not mandatory.

you not have to create a new domain, or even transfer any information or account manually.
to alter roles just need to follow the steps in this article

But this is my opinion. so you indicate links to form your opinion.
for the other question that you put in the first post, the answer is: the domain controllers replicate between them and not need to have intervention in skill transfer accounts.There is no obligation to transfer the roles to the new Domain Controller. your domain continues to work usually remains if you dont change the roles
To answer the second half of your question, no it is not a requirement to transfer FSMO roles if you are introducing a new Windows Server 2012 in your domain, unless you are wanting to decommission the old Windows Server 2003 that is holding all the roles.

You will be required to update your schema before Windows Server 2012 can be introduced in the domain which is an automated process, starting Server 2012.

To look at which server(s) hold the FSMO roles without opening all the MMC's you can open a command prompt on any domain controller and type "netdom query fsmo". This will give you a list of current server(s) holding the roles. Again, it is not a requirement but you can follow the steps in the links given to transfer them IF you think the newer server is more reliable.

Hope this helps!
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for answers guys, good ones :)

The domain has to be renamed, so therefore, existing domain name is server.local but been asked to change it for the new domain to companyname.local, therefore, would I be correct to say fsmo roles are not to be transferred due to a new domain name being created, or does the schema still need upgrading ?

Rob StoneCommented:
If the new domain is in the same forest then you may still want to transfer the forest master roles (Schema and Domain Naming Master).

If it's a new forest then you are fine as all master roles will be installed when you create the domain.

As for the user accounts, have a play with Active Directory Migration Tools.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. If I may ask, why would I possibly still transfer the forest master roles (Schema and Domain Naming Master) ?

By installing a new 2012 server and domain, considering there aren't many AD accounts setup and much data on the existing 2003 server, wouldn't just installing this and transferring accounts and data across suffice ? I can setup group polices on the new domain and add new notebooks to the new domain once installed.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
I've not had to do this before considering there are few user accounts and data on the network. If there had been hundreds of user accounts and data on the network etc I can see how transferring FSMO roles will suffice.

Simply adding a new DC and domain name and decommissioning the existing server I haven't had to mess about with FSMO migrations, so im a little perplexed as to its need in this instance.
Rob StoneCommented:
If you run 'netdom query fsmo' from your new domain it will tell you where the FSMO roles are. If they are all in the new domain you are fine.

As to why you need to do it, well if you don't migrate the forest fsmo's you will encounter problems in the future if you need to:
a) Try to create a child domain, or any other domain in the Promote to a DC wizard
b) Want to install an application that requires access to the schema (Exchange for example).

You can 'seize' these roles at a later time should you encounter any issues if you do not want to transfer them at present.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
If I do transfer the FSMO roles, do I have to use the same domain name on the new server or can this be a different one? Will anything be affected on the new server by doing this for example group policies as an example ?
Courtney PelzelManaging Member, IT ConsultantCommented:
1. Open AD Users and Computers on the new DC
2. Right the root of AD
3. Click on Change Domain Controller and connect to your New FSMO DC
4. Right click your Ad Domain, click Operations master
5. Change the FSMO Role holder to new server (RID, PDC and Infrastructure)
6. Do the same in AD Domains and Trusts (Operations Master)
7.Click start then run and type regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll and hit enter
8.Should see success message
9.Click start then run and type mmc and hit enter
10. Click file then add snap in and add Active Directory Schema
11. Right click the root of AD Schema and Change domain controller to the new FSMO DC
12.Right click and choose Operations masters and change to new FSMO DC.
13.Reboot the servers

 **IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE** Wait for replication to succeed before demoting old DC
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