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Citrix Web Interface


  We got few Web interface servers.  Trying to figure out which one are actually being used and which ones are not.  Is there any way to find out which ones are active ones ?

We got 8 and out of them 4 should be active.
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Tony J
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Are they behind a load balancer? Can you see from there? DNS round robin?

Alternatively - but potentially slightly painful - turn them off one at a time.
If you login to web server, open the web console and check the farm details \ configuration to find the server also using web url too you can find.
take a look to the iis-logs at the servers.
the used servers should have big logs with many activity...
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Log into the web interface server. open the web interface console. on the site go to server properties and see which farm it is serving. If the farm is active then web interface is also active if not you can remove it.
you can Enable Tracing

To enable Tracing, edit the web.config file

path: \inetpup\wwwroot\yoursite\    


locate the followin line: <trace enabled="false" />

Change: <trace enabled="true" localOnly="false" requestLimit="100" />

save (after save, no restart needed)

You can also point your browser to <site-root>/Trace.axd and view a history of the last 100 requests
i have one parameter missing:

in the same file --> web.config

locate: AUTH:UNPROTECTED_PAGE   and add trace.axd

other procedure found in a citrix forum: how to Enable Tracing for Web Interface Sites
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