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Drupal Module - Page Title not updating Page Title!

Using Drupal 6 and the latest page title module release.

When I update the page title under the page edit options it does not update the page title at all. I have tried updating the pate title and then clearing cache with the same result. Any ideas why it wouldn't update?

I am new to Drupal so excuse my ignorance.
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Why do you need a module to put the page title on the page? Are you trying to accomplish something specific using the module?
What theme are you using? It's possible the theme isn't using a standard output for the title. That module only changes the variable used to define the title. If the theme isn't using that variable, it wouldn't change the title.
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@ nanharbison For SEO purposes. Not the actual page title but the meta title. Do you have any other modules in mind I could use to accomplish this?

Thanks for the help
@ arrow1 Where can I check and verify the theme is doing that?
There are several different ways that it might be done, so it's hard to say which method your theme might use. If your theme has a file called html.tpl.php, check that file to be sure that the code for the title tag looks like this:
<title><?php print $head_title; ?></title>

Otherwise check the template.php file for your theme to see if there is any code that might alter the title variable.
@ arrow...

Sorry for the stupid question but where would those files be located? I looked and can't seem to find it.
There is a meta tag module and once it is enabled, you can open it on each page and create a different meta information, which search engines like. I use it all the time:
@ nanharbison that looks like it is only for drupal 7 and I am running 6. Any other module ideas?
Oh sorry, I was assuming it was the same one I had on my D6 site, but I looked it up and see that it is:
Check sites/all/themes/yourtheme
@ arrow

See attached. This file was called node.tpl.php. I am guessing this is what I should be looking for? If so, what part should I change?
@ arrow...had a chance to look at the php document?
@ nanharbison

I installed simplemeta but it isnt showing up in the modules menu for me to enable. I also have Nodewords installed....any idea why it isnt showing up? I uploaded simplemeta to sites/all/modules..
It should be under the heading SEO, and it should say "Simple meta". Did you put it in the modules folder - /sites/all/modules?
When I list modules it is not there. Kinda weird....

I did install it under /sites/all/modules under that specific domain. Any ideas? Should I run update.php?
Sure, run it, I have NO idea why it is showing up. Did you double check to see if the simplemeta folder is in the correct location? This has never happened to me.
Ok, it is working and enabled. The only issue now is it is not showing up under the edit page options. Where exactly do I go to get it turned on or configure it? I see it under administer but it doesnt have many options.

I also disabled nodewords..
It shows up when you are logged in and on the page, on my theme it is on the left, it kind of floats over there. Look for a medium gray tab that sticks off of the side of the browser window
Ahhh I see now. I changed it and still does not cause the actual title to change. It has to be controlled by the theme. Any ideas?
If there is no html.tpl.php, then that method isn't being used to alter the title. Can you post your theme's template.php file?
I have a few themes within my sites/all/themes folder but here is a copy of one
I found this as well.
You may have multiple themes in that folder, but only one of them is the one you are using. We need that one. can I tell which theme I am using?
Look on your themes page to see which theme has a check in the enabled column and a filled in radio button under default
The one that is enabled with default checked is called klean custom but it does not have a html.tpl.php. It has a node.tpl.php and a node-product.tpl.php.
When you say you didn't see the page title changing, did you clear the cache and refresh the page many times? Sometimes it takes a while to kick in, esp in D6. You can also try to go to the setting on the theme you are using and click save at the bottom without changing anything. It make allow the new page titles to kick in.
I did open up a google chrome incognito page and the title hadn't changed. I tried going to the themes listing and save config. Went back and still the same thing. So lost
Please post the template.php for that theme.
Can we see the site?
And did you check to see if the meta tags are showing on the pages where the meta tags have been set by the module?

It is not changing to what I put into the simplemeta module.

Thanks again for helping out
Try temporarily changing your theme to one of the default themes such as Garland and see if that allows you to alter the title. If so, you know it's definitely something to do with your theme rather than something else.
Are your modules and theme files up to date? I  just checked a D6 website that I used simplemeta on and everything is there in the meta tags.
Have you checked the permissions page? I suddenly remember how nothing works in D6 unless the permissions are set.
@ arrow I am a little nervous to change the theme. Will it mess anything up?

@ nan Simplemeta has admin rights under user permissions.
What do you see when you go to the simplemeta page?
adminster_> simple meta (under content management) or maybe:
Here it shows settings/simplemeta list/add simplemeta

It shows the page I edited but apparently the theme is blocking it.
It looks like have only added meta tags to one node. What does it say when you click on Edit? Does it have the title and description you entered there?
Yes it does.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...well, getting closer. Not sure where the theme is controlling the title but it is.
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Testing Change
Hmmm, don't know why this isn't working. I found this:
which only changes the page titles, so it must work! I have never used it.
Oh wait, this was the original module you were using! Sorry I don't have another suggestion.
Did you try clearing the cache?
Yeah I tried clearing the cache., Must be the title. I am still looking into it.
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