Power Shell - Quest - How to pull all samAccountNames that are 7 or 8 characaters long


I am trying to search for all samAccountNames in my environment that are only 7 or 8 characters long .. any idea how I can do this with Quest Tools ? or any other tool ?
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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Just pipe the result thru select-object prior to exporting:
get-qaduser |
   ? { $_.SamAccountName.Length -eq 7 -or $_.SamAccountName.Length -eq 8 } |
   select samAccountname | Export-CSV 7or8.csv

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That's the same as for any other object you want to restrict the visible properties.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
get-qaduser | ? { $_.SamAccountName.Length -eq 7 -or $_.SamAccountName.Length -eq 8 }

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should give you all those user objects.
MilesLoganAuthor Commented:
Thanks Qlemo

Any way to modify it so when I output the file it only gives me the samAccountName ?
It is outputting all the attributes below and since I have 200K plus accounts this may take longer ?

get-qaduser | ? { $_.SamAccountName.Length -eq 7 -or $_.SamAccountName.Length -eq 8 } | Export-CSV 7or8.csv

Exported all these...
objectClass      objectSid      whenCreated      objectGUID      whenChanged      edsvaNamingContextDN      l      facsimileTelephoneNumber      givenName      mail      sn      mobile      physicalDeliveryOfficeName      telephoneNumber      st      wWWHomePage      City      Company      Department      Email      Fax      FirstName      HomePhone      Initials      LastName      LogonName      Manager      MobilePhone      Office      Pager      PhoneNumber      PostalCode      PostOfficeBox      PrimaryGroupId      StateOrProvince      StreetAddress      Title      WebPage      HomeDirectory      HomeDrive      ProfilePath      LogonScript      UserPrincipalName      TsProfilePath      TsHomeDirectory      TsHomeDrive      TsAllowLogon      TsRemoteControl      TsMaxDisconnectionTime      TsMaxConnectionTime      TsMaxIdleTime      TsReconnectionAction      TsBrokenConnectionAction      TsConnectClientDrives      TsConnectPrinterDrives      TsDefaultToMainPrinter      TsWorkDirectory      TsInitialProgram      AccountExpires      PasswordLastSet      PasswordAge      PasswordExpires      LastLogonTimestamp      LastLogon      LastLogoff      AccountIsDisabled      AccountIsLockedOut      PasswordNeverExpires      UserMustChangePassword      AccountIsExpired      PasswordIsExpired      AccountExpirationStatus      PasswordStatus      DeprovisionStatus      NTAccountName      SamAccountName      Security      Domain      LastKnownParent      MemberOf      NestedMemberOf      Notes      AllMemberOf      Keywords      ProxyAddresses      PrimarySMTPAddress      PrimarySMTPAddressPrefix      PrimarySMTPAddressSuffix      PrimaryX400Address      PrimaryMSMailAddress      PrimaryCCMailAddress      PrimaryMacMailAddress      PrimaryLotusNotesAddress      PrimaryGroupWiseAddress      EmailAddressPolicyEnabled      Path      DN      CanonicalName      CreationDate      ModificationDate      ParentContainer      ParentContainerDN      Name      ClassName      Type      Guid      Sid      Description      DisplayName      OperationID      OperationStatus      Cache      Connection      DirectoryEntry
MilesLoganAuthor Commented:
Awesome ! that was it .. thanks !
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