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after effects - how do I add subtitles in after effects cs6?

I have after effects - how do I add subtitles in after effects cs6?
Any easy to follow tutorials out there? I'm new to AE.
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If this is your home video and you just want to add captions? closed captioning? text or credits
Or make a new language available for a DVD video with srt?
There is a significant difference and work involved.
Which windows? Or Mac?
You can add captions and credits in WLMM as well
Take a look in youtube for video since a video informs better over than a few pictures
Introduction to creating text in Adobe After Effects CS6
Automated Subtitles in Adobe After Effects and Premiere CS4 and up
Subtitles - Adobe Premiere Pro setup.
Lynda .com is the place to look
How to build DVD and bluray
 and another

Good Luck
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will look at these options, but finding the exact video on - which I am a member of - is not working.
Adobe has a suite of tools for different workflows, after effects is only one.
At the top of the page> select subject
To produce DVD with sub titles you need to look into other tools within the Adobe suite
Such as authoring a DVD with adobe Encore, and  DVD Studio
DVD Authoring

DVD Studio Pro 4 Essential Training
scroll down to and select>>12. Working with Subtitles27m 54s
 here is the list of available guides
Introducing subtitles 1m 31s  
Creating subtitles manually 7m 33s  
Formatting subtitles 4m 7s  
Importing subtitles 8m 4s  
Using graphics as subtitles 2m 42s  
Using buttons over video 3m 57s

Hope it helps, but you know there is simpler tools if you just want to make a DVD with SRT.
Then there is also permanent sub titles or adding them as menue with language choices like on a professional DVD
You could test if your srt work first by playing the video and adding the srt
I would put the srt in the same folder as the video with the same name as the video
We all have several tools for different work flows.
Authoring a DVD you need dedicated authoring tools
I also have Power Director 10
Nero with Nero Vision
DVD Flick
 and a few others.
How to add subtitles to videos with Total Video Converter?

But don't forget tailoreddigital's guide
making subtitles in adobe cs6
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Thanks Merete, I'll look all this stuff up but this isn't for a DVD, if that matters. It's for a video on a website.
Oh gosh, that's pretty different  JaseSt
wish you had mentioned this earlier we can offer assistance based on your details,
not  for a DVD would mean you have to permanently add the sub titles.
Permanently embedding sub titles is whole different process and may fall into captions.
The guides I posted do cover different methods of working with sub titles.
DVD Studio is an authoring tool like the one's I mentioned, I simply export to HDD or save movie as instead of burning to a DVD.

Could you post what your intentions are,
what sort sub titles? as I mentioned earlier there is also credits captions end credits  menue titles.
for web? please explain as this may need to be converted to mp4 or flash.
Like youtube converts to flash?
what format is the current video ?
what format is the sub titles you need and what are they? as in a different language or just captions etc.
The more details the more accurate our help
or I'll post too many guides lol..

here's another with a different approach a little more difficult
Using the analyze content feature in Premiere we get a rough text copy of speech inside of a video, then we make adjustments to it in Premiere to fix incorrect transcriptions. Once we have that After effects with a script provided in the comment below will automatically display the subtitle on the video for you.
Adobe After effects Subtitles Script.
 For use with adobe premiere's transcription
Automated Subtitles in Adobe After Effects and Premiere CS4 and up

and this one
Adobe After Effects subtitle script

good luck again and hope this helps
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Sorry for the lack of detail. A copy of it resides on Youtube here:

Our viewers say how difficult it is to understand some of the speakers with their accent so we need to have subtitles running underneath while they are talking so the viewer can also read what is being said.

I have an mp4 copy of it on my hard drive and keeping it in an mp4 format would be best.

An additional challenge is that the subtitles can't cover the text that is already displaying here and there at different points in the video - if at all possible - and of course needs to be clearly seen by possibly adding a layer to the bottom of the video.

I have Creative Cloud cs6 so have access to Premier Pro and After Effects and only After Effects do I have any experience in, but I just started using it.
I have a couple of ideas if I may run them by you.
I opened your Youtube link and played it, sure enough I see what you mean by the captions already there.
Not much room to add anymore and also they appear very quickly most with two lines.

When the users watch this clip have them click on the transcript, then the written words will play below and the sentence used is highlighted as it runs.
they can read this quite easily and could solve your problem immediately.
You could type this instruction in your comments box for everyone, or simply inform them of this option.
Like this>
User generated imageOr you can actually edit this youtube video yourself add captions on youtube, if your the owner of the account open your name and Video manager
Hold your mouse over the selected video
you'll see three options. watch/edit and delete
select edit
User generated imageThen click on the CC Captions
User generated imageThen select ADD CAPTIONS
User generated imageThen Open your language script or type one etc
User generated imagesync it
User generated imageUser generated imageYour done.
When watching the transcripts from your video the transcripts can't even fully transcribe the correct words spoken
If you were really keen use the below guide insert your own rebuilt and corrected script for that video.
This PDF has instructions that will assist you with uploading a transcript file or modifying a transcript file that was created with the automatic YouTube machine transcription and is not accurate.

Guide to YouTube Captions (Subtitles) and Transcripts Tutorial
At this point let me know if this is suffice rather than the lengthy road of using your Adobe

regards Merete
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Thanks Merete, but I'm not looking to add captions or subtitles to a youtube video but rather to the mp4 version I have of it.
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