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php - Call to a member function on a non-object

hello there,
I am getting this error (Call to a member function on a non-object)

I am able to render the captcha and see it on the webpage.. when I click on submit form it checks with ajax if all fields have text in it.. then if they do then it checks if the captcha was successfully entered or not by calling validate() and that's were I have the issue saying scoreResult() from ayah is non-object..

whats going on here I have tried maybe 100 different things for the past 5 hours with no luck.


class field_captcha extends FormField
	public function validate($value)
		global $ayah;
		$score = false;

		$score = $this->ayah->scoreResult();
		if ($score){
			$score = true;

		if (!$score) {
			throw new FormFieldValidationException('incorrect_value');

		return false;

	public function render( array $params = null, Form $form = null )
		$ayah = new AYAH();
		$oldCaptcha = '<input type="hidden" name="captcha[value]" value="test123">';
		$NewCaptcha = $ayah->getPublisherHTML();

		return $oldCaptcha."\n\n".$NewCaptcha;

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I don't think I can help with non-working code, but if the question is about CAPTCHA, this article will show you some of the theory and practice.  Executive summary: It is much easier that most people make it!
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thanks hielo for being so helpful.. I get this now.

Fatal error: Call to a member function scoreResult() on a non-object in

this line
>>$score = $this->ayah->scoreResult();
>>$NewCaptcha = $ayah->getPublisherHTML();
Needed to be changed as well:
$NewCaptcha = $this->ayah->getPublisherHTML();
You might want to post a new question about this.  The instantiation of the object either failed or was not executed at all.  As a result the ->method() notation caused the fatal error.