IIS 7.5 Worker Process Crashing

I have looked around for an answer to this and did not find one. If I overlooked it please post the link and Ill go read that post.

I recently have had a full system failure with the hosting company I use. Long story short I had to switch from an 2003 server to a 2008 and since then I have been having trouble with some of the older sites.

It seems that almost every day between 8am-11am the worker process of the site will stop responding causing anyone trying to access the site just getting a white page with no text and it never stops trying to load it.

I am a programmer not a server guy and the company I host with no longer offers server help they just make sure the box turns on and wishes you luck.

I am able to find the Worker process section in iis 7.5 and the reason I think that is the issues is if i recycle the worker everything works again.

The website is an old asp classic site that at some point ill update but in the mean time I need it to work.

I turned on 32 bit app setting so the asp will actually run.

When the worker hangs up I can go in and see the current  worker actions and there are 40+. Beyond that I don't know how to go about finding the problem or setting up the server so it just dose not lock up.

Any help would be appreciated.  I wish I had the cash to pay a server guy to just go though and make it all good but this has been a rough year.

Anyone have any ideas on what could cause this type of issue? I am sure there is probably a simple way to see whats going on but like I said not a server guy I am just happy I got it to this point.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are way too many reasons that may lead to this.
You a debug dump and analysis to see what was going on to lead to the vrash.
Diagnostic tool http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2580960 from links/references.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I would look to your database first.  If you are using sql server you can use manager studio to see what connections are hanging or taking a long time to run.  I know when I have looked back at old code that was causing issues I cringed at some of the things I did.  

If you want to isolate the issue outside of sql server, you have to create a worker process for each domain or at least the ones you think are the issue.  

Nothing wrong with classic asp, when you see convoluted queries and paging and leaving data open not extracting data using getrows instead of do until eof, querying the database with a lot of wildcard searches, using select * instead of only the fields needed etc.
SavariesAuthor Commented:
Its only one website on one worker so I know its that one.

I am not too familiar with manager studio 2012. Ill look for a guide on how to check that.

You dont happen to know a good one for that. The last version I was running on the 2003 server was 2005 sql. Dont get why I have no issues on the old one (windows 2003) but so many on the 2008 one.

Ah well at least you have given me a place to start. Ill update this again when I find out how to check the connections.

Found the activity monitor but dont understand it. Would I be looking at the avg duration to see if its a database connection issue?
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SavariesAuthor Commented:
Still trying to fix this. I don't think its the sql server.  

Maybe there is a setting in IIS that I dont have correct or something. Sql Activity monitor shows  close to the same stuff when the site hangs up as it dose when it is working.

There is a process running on a tempdb and master and I dont have any database named that. Is that a 2012 thing?

The iis worker monitor thing shows the worker process getting a huge number of private bites and virtual bites every time this happens. If I go into it i will see a doze or so calls from the same ip address to a url.  It will show multiple ip addresses trying to access different pages. I dont know if thats a cause or a symptom. Any help would be great guys.
SavariesAuthor Commented:
Abit more info to try to help. Did a performance monitor dump. I am trying to find out what is causing the virtual bytes and private bites to go up. Still dont know why the worker is crashing.

The dump file is all kinds of gibberish to me lol.
The guides I have found online show what specific function was being used. I am trying this for asp pages loaded on their own worker process.  Is there any way to see what pages are possible causing the leak?
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Maybe take a look at this http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa174522(v=sql.80).aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190768.aspx

Also request attention and ask to have this question to be added to sql server.  This is one of those things I don't fully understand.  But I think it sounds like something maybe is not getting closed properly?
SavariesAuthor Commented:
Thanks a ton guys. Arnolds link helped me do a debug dump that lead to me finding out that even though I removed the default debugger and set it off that iss was still trying to bring it up after the memory usage got to 200k.

I had it shut off everywhere that I could think of and found out that for some reason the site itself had it turned on.
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