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Create eml file programmatically

Is it possible to create an .eml file[or .msg file] programmatically using c#?

We need to create this email file in our .net application and fire a default mail client in client's machine with this .eml/.msg content.

Any suggestions?
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Meir Rivkin
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here step-by-step post:
Creating an Outlook Message File with C#

and here's the .msg file format spec:
Outlook Item (.msg) File Format
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Hi, Thank you for your quick response.

The given link "Creating an Outlook Message File with C#" is referring to use interop for which we need to install outlook in "server" which is not recommended for our server environment. Can you please suggest any other option?
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Are you saying that you want your application to create a message using Outlook at the client's computer?
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