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Sonic Wall TZ 170 25 Node Replacement

Hi All,

We have a Sonic Wall TZ 170 25 Node which Sonic are dropping support for, so if the Sonic Wall dies we cannot get it replaced under warranty.

What i want to do is buy a refurbished TZ 170 25 Node and restore the current config to it, however i am not sure on how we would get the licenses copied from the old TZ 170 25 Node to the new one?

If anyone can offer some advice on this i would appreciate it :)

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Do you have an account at

You may try registering your existing TZ-170 there and see if there are options for the device to transfer its license to another.
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yes we have a account - we havnt purchased the refurbished TZ-170 as yet so I take it that we cant try your sugestion untill we purchase another refurbished TZ-170?

When we are purchasing a refurbushed TZ-170 is there anything that we need to consider ? eg does it need to have the same number of nodes or be a the exact same model etc ???
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Why not just purchase a new TZ105 with unlimited nodes and 1 year Total Secure for about $425, or a TZ205 for about $750, and not have the headaches of attempting to transfer licenses.

If you want to trade in your TZ170, with Secure Upgrade Plus you can get the TZ105 or the TZ205 for the above prices, with a 2 year subscription.
that could be a possibility but we also have a TZ-180 at another site that connects to this TZ-170 aswell as having an SSL-200 at the TZ-170 site.
So im guessing if we upgraded the TZ-170 to a TZ10 we would have to also upgrade the other units? is this a correct assumption?

please advise

the TZ-180 connects to the TZ-170 on an office to office VPN fyi
No, you don't have to change any of the other devices. They are all compatible with the new Sonicwalls.

Also, the new Sonicwalls now have SSLVPN built in. They both come with a 1 user SSLVPN license, which can be upgraded to a maximum of 10.
That's interesting to know! The content filtering and intrusion prevention renewals for this tz-170 are due next week which we were planning to renew? We have never configured sonicwall a before which doesn't help our decision making so any more advice you have will be much appreciated ! I also have struggled getting through to any sonicwall experts on the phone! The numbers on their website didn't seem to work when we tried!
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