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Band-width Limiting

I have a lab set up and I want to simulate a low-bandwidth environment.  I would like to do this where the switch connects to the router.  What is the proper way to do this?  The switch is connected via FA 0/0 and is running at 100Mb/Sec.  I would like to simulate a 256Kb/sec environment.
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Thanks, but I want this to be done from the router and no a software solution.
Did I miss the information about what kind of router you are using?
Sorry, it's in the tags.  I have 2811 routers, 3750G switches and 2960G switches.
In your lab you are going to test performance between "host a" and "host b"?

What are these host going to be plugged into?
My hosts plug into a 3750 which will plug into another 3750, then to a 2811 router.  It is simulating a field setup.  The field setup uses satillite to connect to the network.  This sattilite connection is between the second 3750 and the 2811 router.  To simulate this, I want to control the bandwidth from the 2811 router.  I want to limit it to 256Kb/sec.
Looks like your answer is can be found in detail here

The short...QoS (EXAMPLE BELOW)

policy-map 75r_24c
  bandwidth percent 75
  bandwidth percent 24
  set ip dscp 34
 class class-default
  shape average 1000000000

interface FastEthernet0/0
 description Connection to a Series of Tubes
 ip address
 service-policy output 75r_24
Can I just use the bandwidth command on the interfaces?
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Go to interface and type
bandwidth ?  
You will see something like this..... <1-10000000>  Bandwidth in kilobits
The above number is in kilobits and not kilobytes.

If you want to set the bandwidth to 256Kbps (kilobits / second)
use the command: bandwidth 256

Device(config-if)#bandwidth 256

If you want to sent the bandwidth to 256KBps (kilobytes / second)
use the command: bandwidth 2048

Device(config-if)#bandwidth 2048

8bits = 1byte. Hence, If you are interested in 256kBps, multiply 256 by 8 and that makes it 2048 bits.
Thanks mody2579, will this control bandwidth in and out or just in?
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@mody2579...I found that yesterday as well and have implemented it.  I am now waiting for traffic to run in order to test it.  I can see some packets beingdropped, but not a significant amount.  We are not running heavy traffic though.