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URL access with GPO

Hello Team

Please how can I give access to a group for example: _SG_UsrURLXXX using GPO to this URL: http://Report2013/

I have Windows 2008 as Domain Controller.
The URL is in SV052

Thank you
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I will try the fisrt solution and I will let you know.
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for soufianeadil's comment #a39178628

for the following reason:

Thank you
I curious for the reason of closing this question.
Because, I found the solution.
You never stated the reason for closing it or posted the solution.
I see that you are new to the forum.
Just a few rules:
1: Always be nice to others when replying (not saying you weren't).
2: Post the reason for closing to avoid something like this back and forth
3: If the solution was not one of the one accepted please post the solution that you found so you can help others in the future if they have a similar issue.
Thank you for the rules reminder. I appreciate it and I will do my best.