HP DL360 G5 RAID Drives out of order - Help!

All six drives (RAID 5) were removed from HP DL360 G5 server without labeling.  now the problem is obvious:  what will happen when drives are re-inserted onto the server (odds are 1 in 720 that they will be in correct order)...

will / should it sort itself out?  will data be damaged?  no backups...
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
nothing bad. it will sort it out,
.. just make sure they are all seated properly so have somebody double-check your work. Wouldn't want to force a rebuild because it thinks it is degraded due to one drive not plugged in all the way.
MauriceAudetAuthor Commented:
Even if drives are re-inserted in incorrect order?  will ensure fully seated in bays.  txs.
the firmware supports a feature called drive roaming. Their controllers are designed to support this feature.
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