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Create new Datatable from two linked datatables

I have two Datatables, dtRenewals and dtAgents. There is a field in each called AgentCode.
I'd like to create another table, dtRenewals_WithAgents, which would only contain the renewals that have an AgentCode that is in dtAgents.
How would I do this?
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Nasir Razzaq
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You can loop through dtAgents, find associated rows from dtrenewals and add to a new datatable.
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@srosebabu - those links are for merging two different tables. I don't want to merge the tables, I just want the rows from dtRenewals where the Agent is in dtAgents.
can you provide some sample data for the both data-tables with the required merged data sample?
Sample for dtRenewals:
PolicyRef = TEST09
AgentCode = ARC1
IssueDate = 31/04/13

PolicyRef = TEST10
AgentCode = ""
IssueDate = 31/04/13

PolicyRef = TEST11
AgentCode = BAR
IssueDate = 31/04/13

Sample for dtAgents:
AgentCode = ARC1
AgentName = Arch Insurances

AgentCode = ZAP
AgentName = Zap Insurances

In this example, I would only like the row for TEST09.
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Very neat, thanks.