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I am running Exchange 2007 SP3 and have a default email address policy  as follows: (primary)

The is the primary address. However, now management wants to change our primary name to as well as the primary address to

How can i accomplish this and this something that will have any big problems in email routing, etc.?

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uescompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adjust the default mail policy in the exchange management console.  You can add the and choose it to be the primary.  Give it a little time and it will automatically change all the user accounts over.

Open the Exchange Management Console:  Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Email Address Policies tab.

Edit the Default Policy > Have to go through a couple windows, you will get to Email Addresses, Add the email address you want aka "" then choose set as reply.  It should then be highlighted in bold.  Choose the update the policy immediately and it will apply itself to all the accounts.
Paul_Howard_D7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi cheto06

You dont really need two email policies to acheive this, just an additional address in the primary policy, you can then set that new address "set as reply" under the Email Addresses tab and apply, the RUS will then switch the primary address for those users under the policy.

If you specificaly need two seperate policies then you can change the priorty of each one.

Kind Regards

cheto06Author Commented:
so right now, i already have the two options in the policy: and when i user is created it creates address for both: and

So it sounds like the only thing i need to do is set edit the policy and make the primary, right?

Yes thats it :)

Kind Regards

Correct :)

The only way it would not work is if each mailbox had the check removed under email addresses that states (inherit mail policy).  By default when creating a user account it is enabled.
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