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dell server loses conectivity after restart

i have a dell windows 2003 server in a workgroup enviroment. dhcp and dns are coming from a router. the server has a static ip, gateway, and dns assigned to the nic .
the static ip is for the terminal server which is running on the machine. when the machine is restarted the nic loses all conectivity (cannot ping router, browse internet). i can disable and reenable the nic with the static numbers and everything works fine until the next restart. i have upgraded the broadcomm netextreme drivers to the latest i have disabled the firewall service on the server.
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i have changed the cable and port and the server has a second nic that exhibits the same symptoms.
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What's the server plugged into (switch,router)?
Try Winsockfix which will reset the TCP/IP stack to Windows Defaults
It says it's for XP; but, works fine on 2K3

If you want to be safe and have free rein, you should read this:

Then, if Winsockfix doesn't do it, the normal, next step is to uninstall the NIC's in the device manager and reboot so they are redetected.
have you checked the event logs? any errors there around the time of your restart?
Have you checked for malware or virus? Also how about a bios update?

reset ip sockets, everything looks good in the event viewer
Did it fix the problem?
Did you try changing he Nic card with a different brand to see if driver related?

My next two suggestions were to get a registry backup and to then uninstall both NIC's in the device manager.  After a reboot, they will be redetected; though you may need to set the static ip (etc) again.
the server has only pcie card slots available. i don't have a nic that works in pcie. i have deleted the two onboard nics from device manager and let windows reinstall the hardware
the hardware works fine until a restart
Sounds like it could be a negotiation issue.
What type of switches?
Are you running spanning tree?
the router is a linksys 600. the server is connected to a dlink switch via 2 broadcomm gigabit nics. all the other systems in the office and no problems with network traffic.
broadcomm gigabit nics.

How are they configured?
Load balancing,failover?

Are the NIC's set to auto or are they configured differently?

What is the model number of the Dlink?

What is your DHCP server?
Router or Windows?
broadcomm nics are set for auto everything is default
dhcp and dns are from a linksys 600 router (new)
dlink 10/100 switch has been in for 3 years
workgroup enviroment.

So ,no AD?
I wonder if the server is switching to gigabit mode and killing it connection. Try switch to 100 base and see it it will stay connected.

He says it's connected to the dlink 10/100 switch.

Messing with the duplex settings on a gig nic is a very bad idea.
Everything needs to be set to auto only.

If he's got the both nics plugged into the same switch at the same time without it being set for load balancing or failover,he will have issues.

I would personally plug into the gig ports on the router as a test as it is a more up to date chipset than the dlink.

As for dhcp and dns,I would use the server for that.

M$ stuff can act funky at times unless you follow their best practices standards,of which that is one.
one nic is always off

this machine is used as a file server does not need domain overhead
Check in settings for rdp/ts host. You can specify which nic should respond to RDP requests. Try setting it to 'all' instead of a specific NIC if possible as this is known to have issues.

If that doesnt work, could you describe what you have to do to get the NIC working following a reboot please?
Can the server ping other devices while not responding? What does ipconfig /all say about the NIC while its not responding?
changed the router to a gigabit and it worked. strange with all the other w/s on the network working fine.