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identify the correct shell i need to use for writing scripts for monitoring oracle database

Hello Experts,

i am trying to write some automation scripts for monitoring my oracle database. i have a question on which type of shell i need to use to write scripts.

here the problem is,

oracle user is using different shell on different servers. for example, for few servers they are using ksh , for few servers they are using bash.

is there any way to way to write script in a generalized shell and use for ksh and bash?

another problem is,

i wrote a script for a backup. it is working fine when i ran from command like as "/bin/bash -x rman_backup.sh <parameter>
when i schedule the job via cron, it got failed to identify the parameter values.
here is the error message from /var/mail/oracle log

Your "cron" job on kiran
/u01/app/oracle/backup/rman/rman_backup_modified_new.sh 0 /dev/null 2> /dev/null

produced the following output:

Usage: rman_full_backup.sh: <parameter1>
Usage: rman_full_backup.sh  -- 0 For Full 1 For Incr Backup

please advice
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