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Using Java environment variables to point to alternate Java folder

My company's software utilizes Java Access bridge to function correctly.

We found that every time that Java updates itself, we have to once again re-install the Access Bridge components.

Is there a way to use an environment variable to point to either the Java Access Bridge or Java JRE to a folder that I can protect from getting updated?
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I thought i'd already answered this question ...
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Your suggestion was that the Java Access bridge documentation was incorrect.  It did not help with our customer.  I need a solution to help this customer.

Currently, we are considering a batch file that can somehow check appropriate folders for Java Access Components and reinstall if necessary on startup but the exact parameters for such a file have not been laid out yet.
Your suggestion was that the Java Access bridge documentation was incorrect.  I
No - that wasn't my suggestion. My suggestion was to install a JDK
We did try installing the JDK but it is not clear how to use the folder and whether or not that folder will be updated automatically.
If you're using Java7 update 6, access bridge comes bundled which should make it easier to manage.
That was an interesting find but attempts to use this function were not successful.  We saw confirmation that java bridge was enabled as it says but using our software was not successful until we manually copied the JavaAccessbridge files themselves.  

We have prepared a very extensive batch file to find the correct Juice folder and to also check the registry for the Java installed files so we can update both locations.  I'll post it up once we are sure it is working successfully.
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out of curiosity, did you try the latest java 7 or did you only try j7u6?
Took longer than expected to resolve this.