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Error Invalid port number when trying to connect to serial device Windows Vista

OS: Windows Vista
Device: Routerboard 1100Hx2
Port: Console
Cable: serial to USB (driver installed)
Terminal emulation program: Indigo

I locked myself out of my new router and I'm trying to reset it. Since there is no reset switch, I am trying to do so through the console. I know I have the port settings correct (COM 25, 9600, 8N1) but when I try to connect with Indigo terminal emulator I get Port number Invalid. I have tried in on a clean boot.
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Look in the driver (device manager) if its possible to tell the usb adapter to use a different port number, preferably below 10, because most software doesn't accept such high numbers. Many usb to serial adapters to this nonsense, must often it's possible to change their port number.
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Jeff swicegood


Ok, I put it on com1 in the driver. Now it connects, but no welcome screen or login.
The manual says in one example 115200 baud, but that seems to be configurable.
Are you sure that the pinout of the cable is correct?
Wouldn't the pinout be controlled by software on a usb-serial cable? the package of the cable just says it's a DB-9.
I am using a sex-changer adapter also, just a tiny little thing.
I tried using it with another PC with a regular serial to serial cable (still with the female to female adapter) with no luck.
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You are right, it does have one. You have to open the case. I will try it.
I found the manual and followed the instructions to reset it by short-circuiting the jumpers on the board. Now the lights come on on the eth1 port (the one that you can connect to for configuring) when the Ethernet cable is plugged in, but any attempts to connect with web or telnet time out.
check your manual, and follow up the settigns as described
You were right again. now I can go about my business! Thank you.
glad to help