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I am running RHEL 6.4,

I want to find all file anmes of *.trc in my current directory and all subdirectories

However, wher I use "wehreis *.trc":, I only gets hits on the current dir

I examined how to do this in the whereis doc, but could not find a subdir option

How can I find all occurences of a file named this way in subdirs ?

Los Angeles1Asked:
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GhostInTheMacheenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Give this a go from the working directory you want to search:
find . -name *.trc

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An alternate syntax using grep for about the same result -- a little more flexible if you're running complex searches that require regular expressions:
find . | grep '\.trc$'

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find . -name '*.trc'
Good point, ozo, that should be quoted to avoid unintentional shell expansion.
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