Services keep crashing

I am looking for a way to find out *why* services keep stopping or why they get hung up in a stopping state to the point where taskkill (and appropriate flags) will not work.

In regards to the hug service, the only thing that works is rebooting the machine which is unacceptable. It is a trivial matter to re-install this service, but as soon as I do, it is guaranteed to get hung up in a few days. Re-installing the service every few days is also unacceptable (it is annoying and shouldn't happen)  

I have not been too successful in googling so far and event logs are not shedding much light either. As far as the services that are just stopping, I am finding information on scripts to restarting it, but I would like to find out why it is stopping in the first place.

Does anyone have any direction to start looking? BTW: the software service that stops but doesn't hang is backup exec. We have tried updating the software and it still happens.
I will keep looking for an answer myself, but could use some direction if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Try attaching windows debugging to the service. That will get you some usable data the next time it crashes. See this KB for info:
Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

Blue screens or system hangs caused by Backup Exec is mostly caused by out of date software and Firmware. (or faulthy drives/tapes but i assume you ruled this out)

If you are under service for BE simply contact Symantec Support.

If not, here is what i would do.

I would check and upgrade the Software/Firmware/Drivers for my:

- System Bios
- Raid controller
- Network controller
- Backup Device
- Harddisk

Off course the system should be fully patched.

Once this is done (can be done in one hour) have BE run again, does it freeze we should create a crashdumpfile.

Once we have the crashdump you should install the Debugging Tools from Microsoft.
Once installed run WinDBG and select File-> Open CrashDump File and give the right path to the crashdumpfile.

This tool will tell you what kills your OS, next steps can be taken once known from here.

Hope this helps.
Pramod UbheCommented:
run rsop.msc or gpresult /R to see if there is any GPO that is causing this or simply move that computer in a diff OU where no GPOs are applied and reboot it.
 GPO is the prime suspect here unless there is any specific issue with the application to which that service belongs or any other component this service depends on.
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VirastaRUC Tech Consultant Commented:

Can you please post more details like

What version of BackupExec ?
Is a single same service crashing all the time? or the random BE services crashing?
OS Version - ?
Other Bussiness Critical Applications like - AD/Exchange Server/Blackberry etc?
also post events if any.

The above details will help me narrow down whether you are facing any already KNOWN issue.

camstutzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information, sorry for the late reply, I will try to get answers to your questions today.
camstutzAuthor Commented:

sorry for the late replies, I got a successful backup (minus one file - missing referenced file in the system state I believe). If I were to take a guess, I would guess that the media server (the OS where backup exec is installed and the USB drives are plugged into) is having trouble with the constant rotating drives?

I know that they are hot swapped and not shutdown with the usb 'safely remove' icon.

Two common errors are a mount error and the backup exec service is stopping for no apparent reason.

the OS: Windows standard FE (Small business server)
Backup Exec 12.5 for SBS.

it is a production server in which the client probably won't let me do too many drastic things like attach a debugger to the service. Does anyone know if any logs that would explain why the service is stopping? the event log has the service control manager, but usually it just lets you know when the service starts and stops it seems like.
camstutzAuthor Commented:
I haven't forgot about this, I have been working with the vendor. The problem is not resolved yet, but will assign points as necessary.
camstutzAuthor Commented:
I apologize for the stale ticket. I am closing this ticket and accepting artsupplyz answer as my accepted solution. I haven't tested it as the service hasn't crashed. It seems to be stable after we have done physical to virtual migration of the server. (not sure if that makes complete sense yet. )  Artsupplyz has given me a lead to look into for services crashing.
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