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All web browsers on Win 7 Home Premium have same problem with web forms

At home I have a Dell XPS 8100 running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with SP1. I first noticed a problem with on this computer. When I went to in any browser (Chrome 26, IE 9 or Firefox 10) and signed in, I saw "Loading" and it just hung there. See attachment. Rhapsody support said they have seen this problem with Comcast subscribers and the only workaround as of that time was to install the Rhapsody client on the computer, which I did, but I don't see how the ISP could affect something like this. Today I tried to activate a BodyBugg Core calorie measurement device at I entered the activation code from the package and it took me to the registration page where there is a form to enter name, address, birth date etc. and create a user name and password. But two of the drop-downs on that form did not work. The State drop-down did not even appear and the Year drop-down in the Birth date section did not show any years, just the word "Year". The Month and Day drop-downs worked normally. I tried this on all three browsers listed above and they all had the same problem.

Then I used VPN to connect remotely to my computer at work and tried IE 9 and Chrome 26 and found that the State and Year drop-downs both worked. I cannot use that computer to register as the device needs to be connected via USB to the computer you are using to register. I can and probably will take the device to work on Monday and register it there but this issue along with the Rhapsody issue tells me that something is messed up on my home computer. BTW, I am able to sign in to on my work computer and stream music. It does not have the "Loading" problem either.

In fact I was trying to submit this question on the home computer and the "Select Topics" chooser did not work so I am now submitting it on my work computer. This makes me think there must be some global (that is OS-related) problem on my home computer.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

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Try updating your Java software and Flash player:

Are you using any firewalls that may block certain services?

And regarding the ISP, I would call Comcast and see what they have to say about it.  It might be something that they can correct on their end to let the software thru.
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It sounds like a DNS issue if you were able to do it over the VPN. You can set your own DNS servers by:

1. Open the Network and Sharing Center (you can just type this in the search from the start menu or you can find it in the control panel)
2. On the left, click on "Change Adapter Settings"
3. Right click on your wireless or LAN connection (which ever one you use) and go to properties
4. Double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4"
5. Click the circle for "User the following DNS servers:"
6. For the first one use: (this is a Google DNS server)
7. For the second one use: (this is a Verizon DNS server)

DNS servers are used for name resolution so when you type it the DNS server resolves it to an public IP address and points your browser to the right server that host that website.

Comcast may be having DNS issues and you can bypass it by setting your own. Give that try!
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I updated JAVA. Flash was already the latest version. The problem still exists. It seems to be not showing pop-ups even though I have turned off pop-up blocker in IE. When I logged onto my work computer from home and answered a question on a pop-up, I was then able to proceed at home but got stuck on a later page in the wizard when there was a pop-up.

 I will try to call Comcast tonight to see if they have anything to try, but I don't hold much hope for that because most of the ones I've gotten were not too bright.

Regarding DNS, I was not doing it over VPN. I was using RDP to connect to my work computer using an RD gateway configured in the .RDP file. When logged onto my work computer I then went to the page so my home computer was just exchanging keystrokes and screen draws with the work computer. I think this just shows that the work computer does not have the problem. In fact I successfully completed the setup here at work on the work computer. This was setting up a BodyBugg calorie measurement device, which I had to connect to the USB port.

I am willing to try the change but DNS returns IPs given FQDNs and I have no problem getting to the page I enter in my browser on the home computer so I don't think the problem is with DNS.
It has nothing to do with your Internet provider, you are wasting your time calling them.

You can verify this by installing Goolge Chrome and then trying it. Google Chrome will have a popup warning in the address bar. If that works you need to reset IE to the defaults or trying adding the site to your trusted sites.

It also may be because your home computer has IE10 installed due to Windows Updates. We have seen a ton if issues caused by IE10 or the cumulative update to IE9.
Please read my original post again. In it I said I am using Chrome (and Firefox too) already. Here is the quote:

"When I went to in any browser (Chrome 26, IE 9 or Firefox 10) and signed in, I saw "Loading" and it just hung there."

What I am saying there is that all three browsers are showing this problem.

I verified the versions shown above when I wrote the original post.
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+Nice catch. I have seen Sendori before. Caused issues with me too. I can't remember where is got installed, but not something I did on purpose. I hitchhiked an install with something else.
None of the expert comments resolved my issue. I think power cycling the modem & roter fixed the problem.